Nucleic Acid Isolation and NextGen/Whole Genome Sequencing


Nucleic Acid Isolation 

Nucleic acid isolation is available using the QIAsymphony DNA/RNA Extraction Robot.  The QIAsymphony SP enables sample preparation of DNA, RNA, bacterial and viral nucleic acids from whole blood, saliva and buffy coat among other sample types. 

FEES per sample:

200 ul Whole Blood DNA prep  $      5.90
400 ul Whole Blood  DNA prep  $      7.40
1000 ul Whole Blood DNA prep  $     10.80
200 ul DNA prep buffy coat  $      5.90
400 ul DNA prep buffy coat  $      7.40
400 ul RNA prep  $      6.40
800 ul RNA prep  $     12.00
PAXgene_RNA  $     12.00
1000 ul Saliva DNA prep   $     10.80

For more information, contact Sue Patrick x5676


Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics Ultrasonicator providing DNA and chromatin shearing capabilities, is available in room C2706.  The Covaris enables shearing of samples without thermal damage.  The equipment is available on a sign-up basis. Fees: $8.00/per sample (includes specialty tube).  Please contact Sue Patrick x5676 for more details.


NextGen/Whole Genome Sequencing 

Genome Sciences has Illumina sequencing instrumentation (MiSeq and HiSeq 2500) for both focused and large-scale sequencing by synthesis. MiSeq and HiSeq 2500  services are available. Specific library construction services are available. Contact Genome Sciences staff at x5823 for more information.

For library construction we recommend Illumina library preparation kits, and most other library preparation kits with Illumina adaptors will work with the MiSeq. To aid in choosing the appropriate library construction kit see our compatibility chart. If you have a sequencing project please consult Genome Sciences staff before submitting samples and to obtain costs.  
A few examples of current charges are:
Single Read (50bp) - $955.93
Paired-end Read (150x150bp) – $1,164.39
Paired-end Read (250x250bp) - $1,271.10
HiSeq 2500:
Both rapid run and high output workflows are now available on the HiSeq2500.
  50 cycle Single Read High Output  -           $876.62 per lane.
100 cycle Single Read High Output -         $1,284.72 per lane.
200 cycle Paired End Read High Output -  $2,145.10 per lane.
50 cycle Single Read Rapid Run -    $1,756.73
100 cycle Single Read Rapid Run -  $2,406.68
200 cycle Paired End Rapid Run -    $3,823.32

NextGen Sequencing Library Prep

We provide a variety of library preparation services including whole genome, whole exome, ChIP-seq, Methylation-seq, RNA-seq and targeted resequencing. Listed below are currently operated services, but we are expanding the service to meet the needs of each investigator.

NGS library prep service service type cost per sample*
whole genome sequencing WGS library prep $50.12
whole exome sequencing (Human) (minimum input DNA 1 ng for intact DNA, under R&D for FFPE DNA) $362.18
  exome (other species, mouse, bovine, zebrafish) please inquire
ChIP sequencing ChIP-seq library prep (minimum input DNA 0.5 ng) $50.12
  Low input ChIP-seq library prep (minimum input DNA 0.05 ng) $115.33
Methylation sequencing ERRBS (enhanced reduced representation of bisulfite sequencing) library prep $99.33
RNA sequencing PolyA RNA seq library prep (strand-specific, minimum input RNA 50 ng) $69.01
  Total RNA seq library prep (rRNA depleted, human, mouse, rat, standard rRNA-depletion, strand-specific, minimum input RNA 100 ng) $160.55
  Low Input RNA-seq library prep (minimum input RNA 10 pg, or single cell) $80.88
  Low Input cDNA synthesis (minimum input RNA 10 pg, or single cell) $70.35
  Degraded Low Input RNA-seq library prep (minimum input RNA 10 ng) $194.58
  Degraded Low Input cDNA synthesis $144.46
  Small RNA seq library prep (minimum input RNA 1 ug) $96.96
  Low input small RNA-seq library prep (minimum input RNA 100 ng) $114.97
  Single cel RNA-seq (up to 96 samples) please inquire

*QC bioanalyzer run will be added (usually 3 runs ($180) up to 11 samples)