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Bruce Stanley, M.S., PhD (Cornell University)
Director, Research Resources
Room C1734 (office)
Office Phone/Voicemail 717-531-5329

Bruce Stanley


Proteomics Lab Manager

Anne Stanley, D.U.T. (IUT de Strasbourg)
Senior Research Support Associate
Room C1732 (office), C1734 & C1735 (lab)
Office Phone/Voicemail 717-531-6087
Mass Spec Lab Phone 717-531-4055

Anne Stanley


Methods Development, Small Molecule & Amino Acids Analyses

Dongxiao Sun, Ph.D (The University of Hong Kong)      

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology 

Penn State Cancer Institute

Room C1733 lab                                                  

Office Phone (717)531-0003 x280575                             

Lab Phone (717)531-4055  



Ship samples to:

Mass Spec Core
Penn State College of Medicine
500 University Dr
Room C1734/1735
Hershey, PA 17033