Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry

Many Small Molecule analyses (polymer analysis, validation of synthesized compounds) can be performed as a walk-up service on our Voyager DE-PRO Reflectron MALDI instrument in room C1734 (after training by Core personnel on the use of the instrument).

More complex analyses requiring MS/MS and MS3 fragmentation, or requiring electrospray-, APCI-, or photo-ionization are performed on one of three mass spec instruments.

Our ABSciex TripleTOF 5600 with a Shimadzu UFLC-XR separation system (C1735), and our Waters Synapt HDMS with Ion Mobility and a Waters Acquity UPLC separation system (C1733), provide strong capacities for small molecule, lipidomic, and metabolomic analyses. Please contact Dr. Dongxiao Sun ( to arrange analyses using these instruments. 

The MDS/Sciex 4000 QTrap (C1733) includes a PAL CTC temperature-controlled auto sampler, an Agilent 1100 2D LC system, all standard quadrupole and ion trap MS modes, and various enhanced modes for increased sensitivity and selectivity. This instrument includes the possibility of MS^3 analyses, as well as additional ionization modes possibly advantageous for analyses of some types of molecules (APCI or PhotoIonization). Please contact Dongxiao Sun for more information [, or (717) 531-0003 ext. 287146]