Scientific Materials Center: Reagent Stock Program

Effective January 1, 2016

Prices increased for the following vendors: Agilent, BioRad, Fisher, Life Tech, Integra, Macherey-Nagel, NEB, Roche & VWR.  Please be patient as the website is updated.

HOURS: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to Noon and 1:00 - 4:00 PM.  Additional times are available but not guaranteed.

Products are available from the following vendors. Special orders can be made for products not included in stocked inventory.


  • Stocked items may be returned no later than 1 week from when you picked the item up.  We will not accept any items that have been opened or have been written on. 
  • Integra Biosciences products may now be special ordered through the Supply Room at discounted prices and free shipping. Products include GripTips™ for VIAFLO Pipettes & VIAFILL Dispenser, Disposable Reagent Reservoirs, Reservoirs for Viaflo 96/384 and PIPETBOY Pro.
  • KAPA Biosystems products may now be special ordered through the Supply Room at discounted prices and free shipping. Products include KAPA2G Fast HotStart, Robust HotStart and HiFi HotStart DNA polymerase; HiFi Hotstart Uracil+, HotStart Mouse Genotyping Kit, One-step qRT-PCR Kits, Long Range Hot Start, SYBR® Fast and PROBE FAST kits.  Please contact Kathy ( for price information and ordering.
  • Special Order requests are placed on Mondays only. Please send an email to and include the PI name, vendor name, catalog # and quantity. Emails need to be received by 10:00am Mondays. Requests received after that will be ordered the following week. As always, please plan ahead for your lab supplies.
  • Genome Sciences 384-well plates and covers for qPCR may also be purchased through the Supply Center. Cost is $6.00 for plate & film.

Free/discounted items

  • Expired products are available at no cost. Please see Kathy for info on where the items can be found.


  • Recycle clean, empty tip boxes from any vendor at the supply room. Recycling box is located inside room C1735. Please do not leave tip boxes or any containers filled with tip boxes on the floor. If the recycling box is full, ask for another. Thanks!

ID cards

  • Investigator ID cards are required for purchasing supplies.
  • See Kathy for new or replacement cards.

Problems with a product

  • First, contact technical support for the specific vendor.  They will be able to assist you with a replacement or let you know if there have been similar problems with the specific product.
  • Contact the Supply Center at x285219 if a PO# is needed or if the replacement will be sent to the supply room. 

For assistance, see Kathy (C1735) Anne (C1735/1734) or Suja (C1732/1734) or call ext. 285219. Email questions to: