Tecan Liquid Handling Robotics

Tecan Freedom EVO

The Penn State College of Medicine Research Core Facilities includes a sophisticated Robotics Platform for automated sample preparation, dilution, mixing, and aliquoting, our Tecan Freedom EVO system. The Tecan robot is located in room T2706 in the new Institute for Personalized Medicine suite.

Capacities available:

  • Useful for high-throughput pipetting, particularly when the project involves performing the same protocol multiple times
  • Primary uses so far have been running multiple 96 or 384 well plates for various protocols (PCR, ELISA, dilutions, etc.)
  • 8 channel arm – From 1-8 pipettes at a time to distribute liquid, useful for pipetting from troughs, test tubes, microfuge tubes, or 8 at a time along a 96 or 384 well plate
  • 96 channel arm – All 96 tips pipette at one time, useful for pipetting from 96 well or 384 well plates to 96 well or 384 well plates

Demonstration of capabilities




Services and Scheduling

  • Hourly Use: $27 per hour
  • Scientific Consultation & Instrument Training: Currently no charges during start-up phase

To schedule an appointment to use the Tecan robot, including instruction on programming and using the system for beginners, please contact: