Whole Animal Luminescent Imaging Services

The Penn State College of Medicine (PSCOM) facilities include a centralized facility for Whole Animal Luminescent Imaging, including capabilities from fluorescent as well as luminescent imaging of intact animals. The Core has a Xenogen IVIS 50 system with an added Fluorescent Protein module, located in the CAQ Surgery Suite Room OR3. This suite is secured with a key pad lock to prevent unauthorized access, so you must know the current combination to gain access to the Xenogen instrument (contact the director of the Xenogen imaging facility, Dr. Brian Barth, (717) 531-0003 x289457).

A fee for usage of the Xenogen instrument, based on the amount of time the instrument is used, pays for ongoing annual maintenance agreement costs. The current fee (August 2013) is $100 for the first hour of use on any day, and $40 per half-hour or any increment after that. For example, if you used the IVIS 50 for one hour and 45 minutes In a single day, the fee for that would be $100 (the first hour) PLUS 2 X $40 for the full half hour and the fraction of the next half hour, or $180 total. For usage of one hour the following day, the fee would be an additional $100, etc.

Scheduling for instrument use is done using the on-line calendar at http://genomics.calendarhost.com/cgi-bin/calweb/calweb.cgi. The Xenogen instrument scheduling is done using the last entry on that calendar list (CAQ OR3).

Additional information about luminescent imaging as well as commercially available mouse models to use this non-invasive imaging method can be found at http://www.caliperls.com.

Additional custom transgenic mouse models for this type of imaging can be constructed in our Transgenic Animal Facility.

To arrange training for using the Xenogen instrumentation or to get the current keypad combination necessary for entry into Room CAQ OR3, please contact the director of this facility, Dr. Brian Barth, (717) 531-0003 x289457.