Dermatology Research

Although acne represents one of the most common skin problems seen in dermatology, much remains unknown regarding the exact causes of this condition. Diane M. Thiboutot, M.D. has been involved in acne research for many years. The scope of our acne research program has dramatically expanded with the establishment of a dermatology basic research laboratory in the Biomedical Research Building. The work in this laboratory is under the direction of Dr. Thiboutot, and is centered on learning more about the role that hormones play in causing acne. Dr. Thiboutot and her laboratory staff are trying to determine if there are differences in hormone production in the skin of people with acne compared to those without acne. They are also interested in finding out what changes occur in the skin that can result in adult acne. So far, they have discovered new facts about a particular enzyme in the skin which takes part in producing hormones in the oil glands. Based on the findings from her laboratory here at Hershey, Dr. Thiboutot is also working with investigators from other centers to develop new treatments for acne.

If you would like to have more information about our research programs, funding, or volunteering for a study, please feel free to contact one of our Clinical Trials Coordinator, Leroy Tanner, RN. or Amy Longenecker, RN., CCRC at 717-531-5136.