Multi-Disciplinary Laboratory (MDL)

The Multidisciplinary Lab team provides space and supplies for students in their 1st and 2nd year to complete medical curriculum labs. Our team also prints and grades exams and evaluation forms, and provides faculty with results.


The lab room numbers are C3762 and C3768. The office and laboratories are located on the third floor between the College of Medicine elevators and the BMR wing.


  • Carol F. Whitfield, Ph.D. Director of Multidisciplinary Labs
  • Mandy McCaffery, Administrative Assistant
  • John Wert, Sr. Research Technician


For Students

  • Supplies are provided as needed for each lab. Access to labs is provided to 1st and 2nd year students after working hours by using student ID Badge.
  • Microscopes are provided to 1st and 2nd year students to use in the lab during class time and after hours.

For Faculty

  • Exam questions are entered into a bank and exams are made at request of 1st and 2nd year course directors.
  • Exams submitted to MDL are scored and statistics provided after each exam.
  • When not in use by students, rooms may be reserved for demonstrations, small class use, or meetings by calling Jean Schneider at x8450.
  • Course evaluations, lecturer and facilitator evaluations are created and posted on line.
  • Reports of results of online evaluations are available to course directors and faculty through the CourseEval Student/Faculty portal.
  • Forms for paper evaluations are created, scanned and results reported.


Lab Usage

  • Access to labs after hours is by College of Medicine ID Badge unless arrangements are made with Jean Schneider, or John Wert at x8450.
  • Spills must be cleaned immediately.
  • If supplies need replacement or equipment needs repair notify John Wert in room C3764 or call x8450.
  • Rooms must be left clean and orderly when leaving.
  • If rooms are not in use, faculty may reserve room(s) for demonstrations, or small group teaching.

Access to Microscopes

  • Keys to cabinets to access microscopes are supplied to students by Jean Schneider, C3764a. A $5.00 cash deposit must be submitted at the time the key is issued. The deposit is refunded when key is returned. If the key is lost, MDL must be notified immediately. A$25.00 service fee for lost keys must be paid to Access Control prior to registering for the next year.
  • All students assigned to a bench are responsible for missing microscopes. At certain times of the year both 1st and 2nd year students are assigned the same bench of microscopes.

Microscope Usage

  • Microscopes must not leave the room.
  • Microscopes are to be cleaned after each use.