Third Year Scheduling

Third Year Clerkship Curriculum

Second year students currently completing all required basic science coursework and registering for the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) Part 1, are eligible to begin scheduling required third year clinical clerkships. This is an exciting transition as the focus of your medical education becomes centered on clinical duties that will make up the majority of your professional career. The curriculum is designed to instruct students on each broad area of clinical practice. Clinical clerkship exposure will also help form the basis of experience that students will use to make their professional career decisions.

The third year is composed of a one week Transition to Clinical Medicine course, seven required clerkships, 4 weeks of elective taken either as one, four week elective or two, two week electives, and 3 one-week islands.  The third year elective must be taken at Hershey Medical Center or at one of our academic affiliate institutions.   Required clerkships are: Medicine (8 weeks); Surgery (8 weeks); Pediatrics (6 weeks); Obstetrics and Gynecology (6 weeks); Family and Community Medicine (4 weeks); Psychiatry (4 weeks); and Primary Care (4 weeks). Elective time is 4 weeks in length and each of the islands is one week in length for a total of 47 weeks of clinical study.