Year Four Courses

MED 722 - Medicine Acting Internship


Credits: 5


Program Directors:

  • Jay Zimmerman, M.D.


Administrative Coordinator:

Ms. Deb Lutz (


Contact Information:



Third Year Medicine Clerkship.


Maximum Number of Students:

3 (HY), 2 (Lebanon VA), 1 (Lehigh), and 1 (Harrisburg)


When Offered:

All Rotations


Length Of Course:

1 month



Hershey, Lebanon VA (Dr. Anthony Slavinski), Lehigh (Dr. Sandeep Mehrok), and Harrisburg (Sandy Newman-contact). Information will be sent to students 1-2 weeks prior to rotation.



A four-week rotation designed to build upon previous clinical experiences in the basic medicine clerkship and provide students with a broad exposure to internal medicine at an advanced practice level.


Course Objectives:

1) To continue development and refinement of basic clinical skills.
2) To expand the fund of knowledge of clinical disease and underlying physiology and pathophysiology.
3) To advance recognition of the clinical manifestations of different disease states and expansion of ability to generate broad differential diagnoses based on clinical findings.
4) To expand the ability to design and pursue diagnostic approaches to evaluate clinical problems.
5) To permit the development of evidence-based treatment plans for patients, follow the course of disease and observe how this may be modified by therapy.
6) To further the development of interpersonal skills and appreciation for the patient as an individual, and to expand professional ability to function as a physician.
7) To foster a firm understanding of the practical aspects of patient management.


Additional Information:

Course Specific Requirements: Acting interns participate fully in the clinical care of patients. This includes (but is not limited to) close patient follow-up several times daily, performance of bedside procedures, coordination of care with consultants and ancillary medical personnel, arrangement and follow-up of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, addressing psychosocial needs, and discussion with patient's and families.