Year Four Courses

PED 727 - Neonatology Acting Internship


Credits: 5


Program Directors:

  • Dr. Timothy W. Palmer


Administrative Coordinator:

Administrative Assistant, Division of Newborn Medicine 531-8413


Contact Information:



Third year core clerkships.



Maximum Number of Students:



When Offered:

All Rotations


Length Of Course:

1 month



7:00-7:30 a.m.; NICU Room H7164 




During this clinical acting internship, students will be responsible for the day-to-day management of patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This rotation may be most helpful for those interested in Pediatrics or Obstetrics. The goal of the rotation is to provide education in the care and management of patients in the NICU including: organizational skills required for this acute care setting, daily exam and management of assigned patients including presentation on rounds, care plan management, and documentation. The student will have the opportunity to become skilled in procedures such as neonatal resuscitation, umbilical line placement, phlebotomy, and intravenous access as well as other procedures that arise in the daily activities of the unit. The student will also learn process of lab result evaluation, neonatal resuscitation, respiratory support, and ventilation, fluid and electrolyte management, and nutrition management in the NICU patient population. The student will be expected to participate in on-call activities every fourth evening with the senior pediatric resident, neonatal fellow, or neonatal nurse practitioner. The focus of patient care will be on those diseases commonly associated with prematurity, congenital syndromes, cardiac anomalies, surgical issues, and infections. The student is also expected to complete three written, clinical questions each week of the rotation.  The student will also be actively involved with teaching rounds, radiology conferences, and multidisciplinary discharge planning.

A copy of the curriculum and list of responsibilities of the Neonatal Acting Intern is available via email from the director.



Additional Information:

Report to:

Green Team Fellow or senior resident; phone.: 513-8412