Year Four Courses

PSCHT 771 - Adult Psychiatry Inpatient Acting Internship


Credits: 5


Program Directors:

  • Aditya Joshi, MD


Administrative Coordinator:

Sarah Sirlin, 717-531-1016 (contact Sarah Sirlin)



Third year core clerkships.


Maximum Number of Students:



When Offered:

All Rotations



Replace with: Contact Sarah Sirlin, 717-531-1016, for time and location.



This four week elective on the adult psychiatry inpatient unit is designed to enable the student experience working intensively with, and having primary responsibility for, a core load of adult psychiatric inpatients. The student experience is similar in many respects to that of a resident in Psychiatry. During this elective experience the student is closely supervised by an attending psychiatrist. The student becomes the primary physician for inpatients who may have any of the broad spectrum of psychiatric disorders including Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Schizophrenia, Eating Disorders, Somatoform Disorders, and Substance Use Disorders. Students will develop skills in interviewing patients, making diagnostic assessments, and developing and implementing treatment plans. This elective is designed for students going into Psychiatry as a career choice, but will also benefit any student whose future plans include frequent assessment and treatment of psychiatric patients, as will occur in primary care and emergency room settings.