Year Four Courses

PSCHT 773 - Child Psychiatry Inpatient Acting Internship


Credits: 5


Program Directors:

  • Lynn Taylor, MD


Administrative Coordinator:

Sarah Sirlin, 717-531-1016


Contact Information:






Maximum Number of Students:

1 (HY)


When Offered:

All Rotations


Length Of Course:

1 month






This four week elective on the child psychiatry inpatient unit is designed to enable students to enhance their understanding of child development, the differential diagnosis of psychiatric disorders, and treatment techniques employed with mentally ill children three to 13 years of age. The student experience is similar in many respects to that of a resident in child psychiatry. The student will follow two or three carefully selected child inpatients who may have one of the broad spectrum of childhood psychiatric disorders requiring hospitalization. During this elective experience the student is closely supervised by the attending child psychiatrist. The student will learn the basic principles of child psychotherapy, play therapy, milieu therapy, family therapy, parent education, and psychopharmacotherapy in children. Students will also develop their skills in interviewing children, making diagnostic assessments, and developing and implementing treatment plans with children. This will include understanding how to set up a behavior modification program for the child while on the unit and how to teach the parents to follow through with behavioral strategies at home after discharged.
Students with career interests in pediatrics or family practice will find this elective particularly helpful, in that it will provide the last opportunity for formal psychiatric training in areas of child behavior management, parent training, and in the early identification, treatment and referral of children with emotional and behavioral problems. One student may be accepted for this four week elective.


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