Year Four Courses

SURG 720 - Plastic Surgery Acting Internship


Credits: 5


Program Directors:

  • Dr. John Ingraham


Administrative Coordinator:

Maria Montijo (


Contact Information:



Third year core clerkships.


Maximum Number of Students:

1 (HY), 1 (LVH), and 1 (York)


When Offered:

All Rotations


Length Of Course:

1 month



Hershey, Lehigh (Dr. Walter Okunski) and York (Dr. Ebondo Mpinga).  Call Maria Montijo 717-531-4340



Hershey Fourth Year Students/Acting Interns


  1. Meet with Dr. Ingraham while on rotation
    1. Establish service expectations/responsibilities

                                                              i.      Call responsibilities

1.      q3

2.      first call

3.      call Chief Resident if unsure (specially Cosmetic patients)

                                                            ii.      Floor/consults/ED responsibilities

                                                          iii.      As the 4th year/AI, we fully expect you to know the service

    1. Establish OR attendance

                                                              i.      Pre-assigned cases by the Chief Resident

1.      if no assigned cases, ASK for one the day before

2.      READ and PREPARE for your case . . . You WILL LEARN MORE in this way (you will be expected to have read)

3.      be punctual (in OR before resident or attending)

    1. Establish expectation in reference to Monday & Thursday conferences/presentations

                                                              i.      Topics pre-assigned (will try to make it specialty appropriate)

                                                            ii.      Work on your presentation with the Chief Resident

1.      Chief Resident is to fully approve/review the talk

2.      both (you and the Chief Resident) will be responsible for the questions asked

                                                          iii.      Topic to be presented on pre-assigned date (Monday or Thursday)

                                                          iv.      30 minute presentation, 10 minute discussion


  1. Exposure to the full scope of the Division’s practice
    1. Hand (clinic/OR) – Drs. Hauck, Johnson, & Ingraham
    2. Cosmetic (clinic/OR) – Drs. Mackay, Potochny, Moyer, Johnson, Neves, & Samson
    3. Breast (clinic/OR) – Drs. Potochny, Moyer, Johnson, & Neves
    4. Craniofacial (clinic/OR) – Drs. Mackay & Samson
    5. General (clinic/OR) – Drs. Mackay, Potochny, Neves, Johnson, Moyer, Samson, & Ingraham
    6. Skin Oncology (clinic/OR) – Drs. Neves & Ingraham
    7. Cleft Lip & Palate – (clinic/OR) – Drs. Mackay & Samson


  1. Participation in group rounds (working/teaching)


  1. Help the 3rd year medical students
    1. Familiarize them with the details of the service
    2. Help them collect info on their patients
    3. If 3rd year students do not know . . . the 4th year/AI will naturally be held responsible (much as the Chief will be held responsible for everyone)


  1. Exit interview on the last Friday with Dr. Ingraham - be prepared to address/have evaluations filled out:
    1. Attending assessment with reference to education
    2. Resident assessment with reference to education
    3. How to improve the rotation
    4. Overall assessment
    5. Any other issues . . .