Year Four Courses

ORTHO 741 - York - Orthopedics and Sports Medicine


Credits: 5.0



Successful completion of all the pre-clinical courses within Years I & II.


Length Of Course:

4 weeks



Students on this elective will serve as an integral part of the Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine team, personally evaluating and discussing management of patients seen in consultation, and in the outpatient Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine setting. Game coverage and on field experience is optional but encouraged during the rotation. Didactic experiences will include daily, one-on-one discussions with the attending physician(s) on the service.  Students will be expected to demonstrate evidence of independent reading on Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine related topics and to attend scheduled Sports Medicine and selected Orthopaedic conferences.  


The overall goal of this elective is to allow students to attain the basic skills and knowledge necessary for initial evaluation of common sports related conditions and injuries encountered in the primary care and orthopaedic specialty practice settings.  Focus will be placed on review of anatomy and physical examination skills as it pertains to patient care.  Students will also be encouraged to hone their skills in obtaining an orthopaedic history and performing orthopaedic physical exam.


Evaluation methods will include a pre-test and post test as well as subjective evaluation of students’ funds of knowledge and patient care skills by the attending orthopaedic surgery faculty.  This course will be offered throughout the entire academic year.


Course Outline:

    1. Brief outline

This course will introduce third or fourth year medical students to basic concepts in the evaluation and management of sports related injuries. 


            Learning opportunities will include:

a.       Evaluation and discussion of adult and pediatric patients cared for by the WellSpan Orthopedics focused primarily in the outpatient clinic and ambulatory surgery center.

b.      Student preparation of case presentations and/or subject presentations on major Sports Medicine team topics (see below.)

c.       Attendance at Sports Medicine and WellSpan Orthopaedics conferences, including Grand Rounds, Journal Club, Rehabilitation Conference, and Arthroscopy Imaging Correlation Conference.

d.      Completion and discussion of a pre-test and post-test.

e.       Emphasis will be placed on common Orthopaedic Sports Medicine diagnoses.

    1. Topics which will be covered include:

a.                   Sports related injuries of the upper and lower extremity.

b.                  Sports related medical issues.

c.                   Tendinopathy.

d.                  Rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.

e.                   Pre-participation and return to play evaluations.

f.                   Musculoskeletal imaging.


Time spent on individual topics will be dependent on the mix of patients evaluated in the clinic; however all of the above topics will be consistently covered regardless of patient mix.