Year Four Courses

DERM 732 - Dermatology Elective


Credits: 5


Program Directors:

  • Dr. Joslyn Sciacca Kirby


Administrative Coordinator:

Michelle Ball (


Contact Information:

Contact Information:

Michelle Ball

717-531-0003,  x283480



Third Year Medicine Clerkship


Maximum Number of Students:

4 (HY)


When Offered:

All Rotations


Length Of Course:

1 month



7:45 a.m., UPC I, Suite 100 [On the first day, please report to the 4th floor conference room, UPC]



This elective is designed to provide the student with an extensive, indepth exposure to clinical dermatology. They will be involved, in a primary way, in the evaluation and management of patients in the dermatology clinics. Students will also be provided the opportunity to do the initial evaluation of the inpatient consults. Students will attend the daily dermatology rounds and morning conferences.


Course Objectives:

The goals of this elective are for the student to:
1. Become fluent in the description of skin diseases.
2. Develop differential diagnosis of skin diseases.
3. Become acquainted with dermatologic therapies.
4. Know when to refer to a dermatologist.


Additional Information:

Course Specific Requirements: Attend clinics, conferences rounds. See patients efficiently and appropriately. Read Principles of Dermatology and Atlas of Differential Diagnosis in Dermatology