Year Four Courses

Four Week Electives

PED 739 - Pediatric Cardiology Elective with global health experience (4th year) - 5

Instructor: Linda Pauliks, MD


PED 745 - Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery Elective


Credits: 5


Program Directors:

  • Dr. Brian Clark


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Third year core clerkships


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When Offered:

All Rotations


Length Of Course:

1 month






This course is intended as an advanced elective for fourth-year medical students who have a career interest in surgery or pediatrics. The course content will include:
a. Preoperative evaluation of congenital heart disease as part of the initial surgical consultation. This evaluation will include, when applicable, the review and interpretation of pertinent diagnostic studies, such as chest films, echocardiography, computed tomography, cardiac MRI, and cardiac angiography.
b. Preoperative decision-making regarding the indication and timing of surgical intervention for congenital heart disease. Students will attend and participate in our weekly pediatric cardiothoracic surgery conference, where cases are reviewed and treatment plans formulated in a consensus, multi-disciplinary fashion.
c. Participation in the preoperative counseling and informed consent process with the patient and parents.
d. Targeted reading for the specific upcoming operations. When possible, a lecture on the heart defect and the surgical repair will be given prior to the operation in order to increase the educational yield of the experience.
e. Daily operative experience as an assistant to open-heart surgery on infants and children. Students will be provided with an explanation of the operation as it progresses, and be able to see the anatomy and the operative repair from a close, first-hand perspective. Students will review real-time intraoperative transesophageal echocardiography, and correlate the images with live appearance of the beating heart. They will further hone their surgical skills during the elective.
f. Postoperative critical care management of infants and children recovering from heart surgery. Students will participate in daily rounds for the service, and improve their clinical skills in the intensive care setting.


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Brian Clark, MD