Year Four Courses

Four Week Electives

PED 739 - Pediatric Cardiology Elective with global health experience (4th year) - 5

Instructor: Linda Pauliks, MD


MED 749 - Medical Intensive Care Acting Internship (4th year)


Credits: 5


Program Directors:

  • Dr. Margaret Wojnar


Administrative Coordinator:

Ms. Renee Morton (


Contact Information:



Third Year Core Clerkships.


Maximum Number of Students:

1 (HY), 1 (Lehigh), 1 (Harrisburg)


When Offered:

All Rotations


Length Of Course:

1 month



Hershey, Lehigh (Dr. Daniel Ray/Dr. Joseph Neri) and Harrisburg (Dr. Safa Farzin). 
For Hershey: 7:00 a.m.; MICU, 6th Floor South - ICU Senior Resident (OPTIONAL: Report night before and speak with Senior Resident On-Call)



Senior students assume Acting Intern responsibilities on this combined Critical Care - Coronary Care rotation. This intense training is recommended for highly motivated students interested in a "hands-on" experience in the critical care unit.


Course Objectives:

Main topics and concepts covered during this elective are: airway management, ventilators, hemodynamic monitoring, pharmacologic agents in the MICU, developing skill and comfort with the "acute" patient, developing comfort with end-of-life issues.


Additional Information:

Course Specific Requirements: Presentation of new admissions (approximately two new admissions every four days). Short review of topic pertinent to admission once/week.