Year Four Courses

Four Week Electives

PED 739 - Pediatric Cardiology Elective with global health experience (4th year) - 5

Instructor: Linda Pauliks, MD


MED 757 - Hematology-Oncology Subinternship


Credits: 5


Program Directors:

  • Dr. Witold Rybka


Administrative Coordinator:

Ms. Lynn Kreider (


Contact Information:



Third Year Core Clerkships


Maximum Number of Students:



When Offered:

All Rotations


Length Of Course:

1 month



Hershey.  8:00 a.m.; 7th floor Hem/Onc Unit



Students will function as acting interns in the inpatient hematology/oncology unit under the direction of senior residents, fellows, and faculty. Students, In addition to caring for patients with hematologic and oncologic malignancies, will be introduced to bone marrow transplantation as a treatment modality.


Course Objectives:

To provide students interested in the care and treatment of hematology/oncology patients further insight into this specialty.


Additional Information:

Course Requirements: Direct patient care and management. Attendance at conferences and presentations as required.

Report To:

Lynn Kreider