Year Four Courses

Primary Care Electives

PCMED 742 - Primary Care Longitudinal Advanced Elective


Credits: 5


Program Directors:

  • Linda L. Chambers, M.D.
  • Patricia Gordon, M.D.


Administrative Coordinator:

Darlene Getz (


Contact Information:

Linda L. Chambers, M.D.
Phone 531-8181
Fax 531-0869
Mail Code HP01
Location: Fishburn Rd. Clinic

Patricia Gordon, M.D.
Phone 531-8414
Fax 531-0869
Mail Code HO85



Successful completion of third-year clerkships.


When Offered:

Fall and Spring Semesters


Length Of Course:

6 months



The student will have a choice in the specialties of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Pediatrics.



The acting internship allows the student to experience a longitudinal outpatient rotation. The student will work with one faculty member during this time. The student will assume responsibility, with the preceptor’s supervision, for a panel of patients. The goal is to allow the student to care for patients over time with an emphasis on continuity of care. The student will be excused from the other rotations in which they are participating for the ½-day session each week during these six months. The Center for Primary Care office will contact the coordinator of each course that the student has elected during the six month period to notify the coordinator of the student’s participation in the acting internship and to ensure that the student is excused from responsibilities during the ½ day session each week. This rotation also will include a project in health promotion or disease prevention. This project must be approved by the preceptor and by the course co-chair prior to the beginning of the rotation.

2011-12 Syllabus available here.


Course Objectives:

By the end of the acting internship, the student will be able to:

1.             Ensure continuity of care by planning follow-up appointments required by each patient.
2.             Coordinate care for each patient including use of specialty services and/or community resources.
3.             Obtain complete and appropriate medical histories.
4.             Perform accurate and problem-focused physical examinations.
5.             Allow students to demonstrate advanced skill in the selection and interpretation of
diagnostic studies where appropriate.
6.             Provide health maintenance and acute care for patients.
7.             Recognize emergent medical problems and need for hospitalization.
8.             Focus skills at creating differential diagnoses for the patients’ presenting problems and developing a management plan. This plan will be discussed with the preceptor prior to implementation.
9.             Counsel and educate patients regarding health maintenance, disease prevention, and required medical evaluation and therapies.
10.          If applicable, participate with the preceptor in performance of appropriate outpatient procedures.
11.          Develop or participate in a project that improves the health care of the population of the practice site.


Additional Information:


All rotations during this six-month block must be within driving distance to the acting internship practice site (<45 minutes distance).