LionReach - Mobile Training and Evaluation Center


The LionReach is equipped with (4) of the newest computerized Laerdal manikin simulators and a variety of adult, pediatric and newborn airway manikins. Our advanced airway teaching is available with use of the Glidescope video laryngoscope.  LionReach can accommodate 13 individual patient care areas with inline oxygen and suction available at each site. Customized training programs can be designed to meet the learning needs for groups of any size.

Preparedness Simulation

Penn State Hershey Department of Emergency Medicine offers training programs to better prepare regional healthcare providers to respond to public health emergencies. In collaboration with Crisis Simulations International, Penn State’s Emergency Preparedness Training provides real-time computer-based simulations for the following scenarios:

  • Pandemic flu affecting a local hospital and community
  • Mass casualty incident involving a terrorist bombing in a public arena
  • Large-scale hospital evacuation including multiple floors and patient populations

Students actively participate in a flat-screen computer-based simulations that creates a realistic approach to preparing for these disasters through cascading decision-based scenarios. Facilitated debriefing sessions allow for group discussions and preparedness planning.  To learn more, click here.

Inherent Flexibility

The LionReach is a  mobile training  and evaluation center, capable of providing flexible educational space for:

  • Multimedia computer simulations
  • Procedural clinical skills training
  • Hands-on practical learning
  • Web-based video-conferencing
  • Advanced 800 MHz radio communications training
  • Satellite internet access and DirectTV support for distance learning and facilitation
  • 13-space simulated patient care areas capable of supporting triage exercises for mass casualty preparedness with real-world utilization in the H1N1 pandemic for emergency patient triage augmentation.


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