Emerency Medicine staff aims high to provide quality patient care

Penn State Hershey Emergency Medicine

The Penn State Hershey Emergency Department (ED) aims to provide high quality and efficient care to all of our Emergency Department patients.  We care for over 55,000 patient encounters annually.  Approximately 20% of our patients require admission to the hospital, accounting for over 45% of our total hospital admissions.  Pediatric aged patient encounters account for 25% or more of our ED visits.

The ED staff works together as a team to provide patient and family centered emergency care in some of the most vulnerable times of a person's life. In making decisions that affect the care of the providers and patients, the entire ED team has a voice: physicians, physicians-in-training, physician assistants, nurses, emergency technicians, secretarial and registration staff. The ED Leadership Team provides leadership for the entire ED and is committed to support the care of both providers and patients. 

Our ED Interdisciplinary Committee (EDIC) has served as a model for collaboration throughout Penn State Hershey Medical Center. It is through collaboration that we are able to address in the many complexities of a multidisciplinary team necessary for effective emergency care delivery. One example is the planning efforts in contributing to the design and operation of our new ED following recent renovations.   Receiving national acclaim for innovation and identified by the University Health System Consortium as ‘best practice', we have created a new arrival and care delivery system (locally called physician directed queuing or PDQ) that streamlines and enhances the experience of emergency care for all patients and providers. It is through working together effectively that we are able to provide outstanding patient care based upon the need of all patients, and to the satisfaction of our care providers.


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