Education Materials

Clinical Endocrinology Conference:  This two-hour, weekly conference comprises a formal, didactic session in the first hour and the discussion of challenging endocrine cases in the second hour. 

Thyroid Unit:  This monthly meeting is held to review thyroid cancer patients scheduled for scanning/treatment in the upcoming month.  It is a multi-disciplinary conference involving endocrinology, radiology, surgery and pathology.

Inherited Endocrinopathies:  This meeting is held monthly to review patients with various inherited endocrine diseases (e.g., multiple endocrine neoplasia, etc.).

Endocrinology Research Conference:  In this conference (held every other month), fellows and faculty members from the Division of Endocrinology present their endocrine-related research data.

Diabetes Journal Club:  This monthly conference is held jointly between Hershey and Mt. Nittany Medical Center campuses by video connection.  Fellows and faculty at both campuses present recent relevant articles on diabetes for discussion.