Cornea and External Disease

The Cornea and External Disease Service provides consultations for patients diagnosed with corneal infections and inflammatory diseases as well as corneal decompensation, ocular allergies, tumors, and endophthalmitis (inflammation of the ocular cavity).

Many diagnostic tools, such as specular microscopy, echography, and photokeratoscopy are used to determine the best treatment plan.

Surgical services include penetrating and lamellar keratoplasty, corneal transplants, repair of ocular trauma, application of cyanoacrylate, keratopexy,  epikeratophakia, high risk cataract extraction, secondary intra-ocular lens implantation, pterygium removal with conjunctival transplant,  and tumor biopsy and treatment.   Refractive surgery and recurrent erosion diamond burr therapy are also available.

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