Ocular Photography and Angiography

Our Ophthalmic Photographers use highly specialized equipment to examine and photograph or produce images of findings in all parts of the eye. Equipment used by the photographers in the Penn State Hershey Eye Center includes, but is not limited to, photo slit-lamp bio-microscopes and contact specular microscopes.  Diagnostic procedures and studies such as Goniophotography, Digital Fluorescein Angiography, ICG Angiography, and Fundus Studies are performed by these medical photographers who have special training and certification in ophthalmic photography.  The results of all studies, procedures, and photographs are reviewed by the Center's physician specialists.

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  • Timothy J. Bennett, CRA, OCT-C, FOPS
  • Karin Shipe, COT, CRA
  • James D. Strong, BS, CRA, OCT-C