Endowment Appointments

  Request for Appointment to Endowed Positions

Appointment of faculty members to endowed positions is governed by HR82, University-named Chairs http://guru.psu.edu/policies/OHR/hr82.html. The process for requesting appointment of a faculty member to an endowed position is as follows:

The Department Chair provides a request to the Office of Faculty Affairs.  The letter should address the candidate's eligibility for the endowed position as defined in HR82 and specify the effective date and term (if applicable).  The request should be addressed to the Dean and include the individual's CV and a copy of the endowment guidelines.  In addition, Department Chairs must provide at least 2 letters from senior external experts in the candidate's field recommending appointment to the endowed position.  In the case of a candidate being recruited to Penn State, the letters obtained as part of the search process may be used.

The Dean will review all requests, and will decide whether to forward the request to the Executive Vice President and Provost of the University, who makes the final decision.

Updated 2/2014