Family and Community Medicine Clerkship!

This 4-week clerkship is largely an ambulatory care educational experience in Family Medicine residency programs and community-based practices. The goals of the clerkship are to help students to integrate basic science and clinical knowledge and to apply them to patient care, to learn skills important in Family Medicine and to experience, first hand, the practice of family physicians.  Family Medicine is a specialty with emphasis in breadth rather than depth and is associated with great diversity in patients' ages and types of medical problems. Continuity, preventive medicine, evidence-based health care, and family issues are emphasized. Minor office procedures, obstetrics, women's health, sports medicine, community medicine are part of many family practices. 

The clerkship syllabus and all clerkship materials can be found on ANGEL for current Penn State College of Medicine students.

Clerkship Goals

The clerkship experience is designed for students:

  1. To participate in an outpatient family medicine practice with emphasis in family oriented comprehensive care.
  2. To develop knowledge, skills, and attitude for identifying, evaluating, and managing common medical problems as presented in the practice of family medicine.
  3. To develop, expand, and apply basic medical problem-solving skills; areas of emphasis will include medical interviewing, the physical examination, patient management, patient education and health promotion, and appropriate follow-up.
  4. To develop an awareness of the impact of community dynamics, care coordination services, and resources upon the practice of family medicine.

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