Exam Grading


  • A 100 question exam based on ALL 40 virtual patient cases in fmCASES will be given on the last day of the clerkship.  A student not receiving a passing grade will be required to retake the exam.  Students will be given three (3) hours to complete the exam.

    Final Grade:

    Your final grade for the Family & Community Medicine Clerkship will be based on:

  • Evaluation by the faculty at the clerkship site – 70% of your grade.  (For your information see pages 27-28 for a copy of the student assessment form used by preceptors to assess your performance during the clerkship.  This form MUST be completed on New Innovations).
  • Exam – 30 % of your grade.  If you fail the exam you will have four months in which to retake the exam.  The repeat exam is administered and arranged by the Office of Medical Education and not by the Department of Family and Community Medicine – all times and dates are at the discretion of OME.  Regardless of your repeat exam score, your family medicine clerkship final score will NOT exceed Pass.  If the exam is failed on two separate occasions, the clerkship grade is a failure and the clerkship MUST be repeated.
  • Assignments.
  • Should you have any questions concerning your final grade they should be discussed with the Clerkship Directors ONLY, and never the Site Director.

     Extra Credit:

  • The PICO clinical question exercise is graded and may possibly increase final clerkship grade.  Grading criteria for the PICO clinical question is as follows:



    9 – 10 points


    7 – 8 points


    5 – 6 points


    <5 points

    Student will be asked to repeat exercise






  1. Establishes a clear clinical question (+1 point)
  2. Properly translates clinical question into PICO format  (+1 point)
  3. Provides useful background information (+1 point)

0 – 3


    Search Process

  1. Discusses search process using appropriate, evidence-based resources (+2 points, using at least 2 EBM resources)
  2. Reviews strength of recommendation for sources uses  (+ 1 point)

0 – 3


    Summary and Recommendations

  1. Summarizes findings from evidence reviewed (+1 point)
  2. Discusses shortfalls of current available evidence (+1 point)
  3. Gives recommendations for clinical practice (+1 point)

0 – 3



  1. Presents information clearly and concisely (+1 point)
  2. PowerPoint slides not submitted on time (-1 point)




    Total (Possible) Score