Patient Resources

Do I need to get a referral?
Depending upon your insurance company, you may or may not need a referral.  Some insurance companies also require preauthorization.

Who will I see at the initial visit?
We use the screening form information provided by the caregivers to determine which providers will be at the initial appointment.

What do I bring to the visit and how long is it?
Clinic visits last from one to two hours in most cases.  We usually attempt to observe the child eating during the visit, so we ask the family to bring food for the feeding observation.

How long is the average stay at the Intensive Day Treatment Program?
The length of treatment depends on the severity of the feeding problem and the rate of progress made by the child.  The average length of stay is about 25 days.

What will I have to provide for the Intensive Day Treatment Program?
We provide all food, formula, feeding supplies, reinforcers, and any adaptive equipment needed for feeding.  You will need to bring medicine, diapers (if applicable), and medical supplies not related to feeding.

What activities are available when the children are not being fed at the Intensive Day Treatment Program?
We have a large playroom stocked with toys, art supplies, books, and other fun things for children.  We also have a nap room for our younger guests.

Are other therapies available to the children at the Intensive Day Treatment Program?
Speech, occupational, and physical therapy can be arranged as needed.  Penn State Children's Hospital has an array of services; these services can be accessed as needed.