Current Residents

General Surgery Academic Year 2014/2015

Rachel E. Andrew, M.D.

Rachel E. Andrew, M.D.

Resident, PGY 3

Biographical Information:

Hometown: Amarillo, Texas

Memberships/Societies: Resident and Associate Society of the American College of Surgeons

Interests:  Tennis, playing the harp, traveling

Honors/Leadership Positions/Awards: 2015 Arthur P. Gold Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award


Undergraduate: The University of Texas at Austin

Medical School: UT Southwestern Medical Center



1. Rachel Andrew, Gwendolyn Luecke, Susan Dozier, and Dayna Diven. Pilot Study of the Efficacy of Tobramycin-Dexamethasone Ointment in Promoting Wound Healing. Dermatology and Therapy; 2012;2(12).

2. Rachel Andrew, Seckin Ulualp, Korgun Koral, Dinesh Rakheja, Ronald Deskin. Cervical Foregut Duplication Cyst: A Rare Neck Mass. International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology Extra 2012;7(3):159-61.

3. John Andrew and Rachel Andrew. The Story of a West Texas Girl: Leora Andrew. Panhandle Health. 2012;22(2):12.

4. Rachel Andrew, Susan Dozier, Susan Baer, Dayna Diven. The Importance of Flow Cytometry in Diagnosing an Atypical Presentation of Merkel Cell Carcinoma. Journal of Cutaneous Pathology. 2013;40(3): 354-355.


  1. Rachel E. Andrew MD, Audrey L. Stokes MD, Evangelos Messaris MD, PhD, FACS, Frances J. Puleo MD. Efficacy of Fiber Monotherapy as Initial Treatment for Fecal Incontinence Patients. Poster Presentation. ASCRS Annual Meeting 2015.
  2. Andrew RE, Juza RM, Rogers AM, LynSue JR, Haluck RS, Pauli EM. Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Utilizing XCM Biologic Tissue Matrix.  Poster Presentation. Sages Annual Meeting 2014.
  3. Andrew RE, Vattipally V, Goyal V, Juza RM, Rogers AM, Haluck RS, Pauli EM, LynSue JR┬┐Laparoscopic Repair of Traumatic Diaphragmatic Hernia: Case Series. Open Forum Presentation. ┬┐Minimally Invasive Surgery Week. September 11, 2014

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