Current Residents

General Surgery Academic Year 2014/2015

Joshua S. Winder, M.D.

Joshua S. Winder, M.D.

Academic Development Year 2

Biographical Information:

Hometown: Logan, Utah

Memberships/Societies: Resident and Associate Society of the American College of Surgeons 

Interests:  Cooking, shooting, movies

Memberships/Societies: SAGES, ACS, BMES, AMA
Awards/Honors/Leadership Positions: Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) Research 
Award, BMES Travel Grant, Penn State Technology Commercialization Proof of Concept Award
Academic Development Time: MIS lab, innovation track
Academic Mentor: Randy Haluck, MD, Eric Pauli, MD


Undergraduate: Brigham Young University

Medical School: University of Michigan 

Clinical Interests:

Device development, technique innovation, minimally invasive techniques and platforms, medical education

Research Interests:

Endoscopic surgery, abdominal wall reconstruction


  1. Winder JS, Pauli EM. Book chapter entitled: Common Bile Duct Stones: ¿Health Care Problem and Incidence to Management of Common Bile Duct Stones, edited by Jeffrey W. Hazey, Darwin Conwell, and Gregory Guy (in press). ¿
  2. Winder JS, Pauli EM. Comprehensive management of full thickness GI defects: the next frontier of gastrointestinal endoscopy. World Journal of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. 2015 Jul 10;7(8):758-68.
  3. Wilson MZ, Winder JS, Pauli EM. Book chapter entitled: Open parastomal hernia repair. To Atlas of Hernia Repair, edited by Yuri Novitsky (in press). ¿
  4. Winder JS, Pauli EM. Book chapter entitled: Open parastomal hernia repair. Atlas of abdominal wall reconstruction, edited by Michael J Rosen (in press)
  1. Oral video presentation at ACS, Chicago October 2015, Title: Complete Endoscopic Management of Acute Iatrogenic Transverse Colon Injuries from a Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Tube, Authors: Joshua S. Winder MD1, Ryan M. Staszak MD1, Eric M. Pauli MD1
  2. Oral video presentation at ACS, Chicago October 2015, Title: Preventing Parastomal Hernias: The Preperitoneal Approach, Authors: Joshua S. Winder, Zachary A. Gregg, Eric M. Pauli, Evangelos Messaris
  3. Poster presentation at ACS, Chicago October 2015, To What Extent is Surgical Performance Influenced by Obesity in Single-Site Laparoscopic Colon and Rectal Surgery?, Kristen T. Crowell MD1, Joshua S. Winder MD1, Matthew Z. Wilson MD1, David B. Stewart, MD, FACS, Evangelos Messaris MD, Ph.D, FACS2
  4. Winder JS, Pauli EM. A novel method for open parastomal hernia¿repair. Podium presentation at the First World Conference for Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery, Milan, Italy, April 2015. ¿
  5. Winder JS, Pauli EM, Haluck RS. Laparoscopic repair of a left-sided paraduodenal hernia. Oral video presentation at SAGES in Nashville, TN, April 2015 ¿
  6. Winder JS, Kulaylat AN, Schubart JR, Hal HM, Pauli EM. Management of gastrointestinal defects using the over the scope clipping (OTSC) system: a retrospective review of one institution's experience. Podium presentation at SAGES in Nashville, TN, April 2015 ¿
  7. Behar B, Juza RM, Jackson T, Winder JS, Michelotti B, Potochny J, Pauli EM. (2014) Transversus Abdominis Release for Abdominal Wall Reconstruction: Early Experience with a Novel Technique. Poster presentation at Keystone ACS in Hershey, PA in October 2014. ¿
  8. Winder JS, Juza RM, Sasaki J, Diarra C, Gulfaraz S, Rogers AM, Pauli EM, Haluck RS, Estes SJ, LynSue JR (2014). Implementing a robotic curriculum in an academic general surgery training program: our initial experience. Poster presentation presented at Clinical Robotic Surgery Association Worldwide Conference; San Francisco, CA October, 2014 as well as Keystone ACS in Hershey, PA. ¿
  9.  Matthew Z. Wilson MD MS, Joshua S. Winder MD, Luke Piper BS, Evangelos Messaris MD PhD, Eric M. Pauli MD. Retromuscular Repair of Parastomal Hernias with Transversus Abdominis Release; A single Center Experience with a Novel Technique.  Video presentation at ASCRS in Boston May 2015. 

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