Current Residents

General Surgery Academic Year 2016/2017

William Sangster, M.D.

William Sangster, M.D.

Class Year: PGY-4

Biographical Information:

Hometown: Jackson Heights, New York

Memberships/Societies: Resident and Associate Society of the American College of Surgeons, Association for Academic Surgery, National Medical Association 

Awards:  Best Oral Presentation- Penn State College of Medicine Resident Research Day 2014, Best Oral Presentaton – Keystone Chapter ACS Annual Scientific Meeting 2014.

Academic Development Time: Colorectal Surgery Lab

Academic Mentors: Dr. David Stewart, Dr. John Hegarty 

Interests:  Working out, watching movies


Undergraduate: Pennsylvania State University

Medical School: Thomas Jefferson Medical College 

Clinical Interests:

Colorectal Surgery 

Research Interests:

Identifying methods to improve patient outcomes due to Clostridium Difficile infection 


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  6. Hegarty JP, Sangster W, Harris III LR, Stewart DB. Proton pump inhibitors induce changes in colonocyte gene expression that may affect Clostridium difficile infection. Surgery. 2014 Oct;156(4):972-8.
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  9. Kulaylat AN, Hollenbeak CS, Sangster W, Stewart DB. Impact of smoking on surgical outcomes in Crohn's disease: a propensity-score matched NSQIP analysis. Colorectal Dis. 2015 Mar;doi:10.1111/codi.12958.
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  13. Choi CS, Berg AS, Sangster W, Schieffer KM, Harris III LR, Deiling S, Koltun WA. A combined medical and surgical approach improves healing of septic perianal Crohn’s disease. J Am Coll Surg. 2016 Jun;pii:S1072-7515(16)30207-1.
  1. "Effects of intermittent hPTH (1-34) on the SCID-BEIGE mouse femur" Poster Presentation, Commonwealth Summer Research Summit. Hershey, PA, August 2006
  2. "Proton pump inhibitors induce changes in colonocyte gene expression that may affect Clostridium difficile infection" Podium Presentation, Central Surgical Association 71st Annual Meeting. Indianapolis, IN, March 2014
  3. "Hernia incidence following single-site versus standard laparoscopic colorectal surgery" Podium Presentation, Hershey Medical Center 6th Annual Resident/Fellow Research Day. Hershey, PA, May 2014
  4. "(RFF)3XB and AB2 are effective cell-penetrating peptides for C. difficile morpholino therapy" Podium Presentation, Keystone Chapter ACS Annual Scientific Meeting. Hershey, PA, November 2014
  5. "NSQIP in colorectal surgery: a tool for decreasing preventable morbidity" Podium Presentation, 10th Annual Academic Surgical Congress. Las Vegas, NV, February 2015

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