The core curriculum in General Surgery is designed to provide the residents with a strong knowledge base in the fundamentals of diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases. The overall schedule is structured on the SCORE Program by the American Board of Surgery and is on a two year cycle. The curriculum is highly integrated with didactic sessions, case-based learning lectures, surgical techniques and skills sessions.

Three hours of protected time every Thursday morning are devoted to the Education Conference. Each Thursday morning generally consists of a one hour lecture with a topic assigned by an attending specializing in the subject matter. The subsequent two hours may then be spent in case-based learning discussion prepared by a resident and the lecture attending, small group seminars, and skills sessions. The skills sessions are integrated throughout the year with the Simulation Center. An Ethics Curriculum conducted with the support of the Department of Humanities is also integrated into program.

In July and August there is a special Fundamentals of Surgery Intern Course designed to review basic clinical management scenarios and patient management problems. Throughout the year, there are also separate Intern Skills Sessions to allow the first year residents to further develop and practice his/her basic surgical techniques and procedures.