There are several services on which Residents rotate during the five clinical years.

The Vascular Service has five attending surgeons.  There is a vascular fellowship that is approved by the RRC.

The Surgical Oncology Service has seven attendings.

The Minimally Invasive Surgery/Bariatrics Service has four attendings.  More advanced laparoscopic procedures are performed on this service, and it supports a laparoscopic fellowship.

The Transplant Service has three faculty members.

The Trauma, Acute Care and Critical Care Surgery Service has five attendings.  They accept all trauma and acute care surgical patients. They also support a critical care fellowship.

The Thoracic Surgery Service has three attendings. They support a cardiothoracic fellowship

The Pediatric Surgery Service has eight attendings.  This is a busy, active Pediatric Service serving all of the mid-state.

Our General Surgery/Endocrine Service has three attendings.

Our Colon and Rectal Surgery service has five attendings. They support a fellow. The chief resident and fellow maintain independent operating by working with specified members of the attending staff.