Global Health Scholars Program


The Global Health Scholars Program is partnering with a community of about 8000 people who live in San Pablo, Ecuador.

For more information about San Pablo and data collected by the GHSP and its partners, please visit the GHSP San Pablo Wiki.

San Pablo is poor seafront community that is served by three physicians and two pharmacies. The town relies heavily on the shrimping industry for employment. The current unemployment rate of San Pablo is about 40%, according to the town mayor.

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Two other groups are currently actively engaged with improving community health in San Pablo. A New Jersey Rotary Club is developing a model community in nearby "Cuidadela Rotario" and they remain actively involved in renovation of one of San Pablo's elementary schools. REDIMA is a Catholic-based organization that serves the areas around Guayaquil, Ecuador. REDIMA supports one of the two clinics in San Pablo.

The town has electricity and questionable-quality water is brought in to the town by trucks. The town has two elementary schools. Around thirty children graduate per year from one of the schools, but only ten continue onto High School due to funding constraints.