Global Health Scholars Program

Giving Options

We are working with a impoverished community in Ecuador called San Pablo.  We are striving to improve the health and welfare of their children, teens, adults and elderly.  Too many people are dying of preventable diseases, and we are convinced we can make a measurable difference in their lives. 

If you are interested in contributing to the Global Health Project in San Pablo, Ecuador please contact Ben Fredrick, M.D. at

Some suggestions:

  • Financial - to defray the costs of the trip for either the scholars or faculty (who are donating their time and resources); to allow a scholar to participate in a national conference on global health; to provide resources for health improvement projects
  • Frequent flier miles - to defray the costs of the trip
  • Personal time - would you be willing to assist the Scholars in a fundraising activity? 
  • Teaching - Are you a faculty member who would be interested in teaching opportunities (i.e. on campus, accompanying the Scholars for a week on a trip to Ecuador)?