Documents Required for International Travel

Medical students interested in studying or doing research abroad will need to complete the Global Health Center's Travel Checklist and Application.  This application along with all supporting documentation must be completed in its entirety before it can be submitted to the GHC for review.  

Completed applications can be submitted to Thao Danz or Tina Lengle in the Office of Medical Education:

Room C1704

Phone: 717-531-3877
Fax: 717-531-3925


This link includes all the initial required forms.  Individual links to the forms and other required tasks referred to in the above application:  Global Health Center ApplicationRequest for Global Health Center RotationRisk Management FormsPre-travel ProgrammingMSR Proposal Form (if applicable), Travel Petition Waiver (if applicable)


In addition to completing these forms, students will be required to:         


Other helpful links:

Student Flow Chart Coordinated with Registrar's Office

State Department Travel Warnings (list of countries)

Petition to Travel to country with a Travel Warning (student)

Listing of US Embassies

PSU Policy regarding travel to "Dangerous Countries" 


Ethical challenges in short-term Global Health Training

PSU Travel Clinic

Culture Shock

"Practical Realities of Doing Volunteer Medical Work in the Developing World" by Kenneth Iserson, MD, MBA, FACEP


Penn State Hershey Medical Center policies:
a. PTO donation program for Medical Missions/Humanitarian Endeavors (HR14) - Internal only
b. Medical missions/humanitarian endeavors (HR70) - Internal only

Graduate Student Policy for Travel to Counties with Warning