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My Penn State Hershey Health


Your Online Health Management Tool

Penn State Hershey now offers our patients a convenient and secure website to help manage your health. My Penn State Hershey Health lets you connect with your care providers, manage upcoming appointments, check test results as they become available, and view personal health information.

As each of our Penn State Hershey Medical Group offices adds electronic medical record capabilities, patients will be able to sign up for My Penn State Hershey Health. Check with your clinic to find out when My Penn State Hershey Health will be available to you.

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My Penn State Hershey Health users can:

Secure Messaging graphic

Use Secure Messaging with Your Care Providers

Secure messaging gives you the convenience to ask questions when you think of them or have time to ask your care providers. Encrypted messages ensure that your health information is private. All communications made via My Penn State Hershey Health will be included in your permanent medical records.

Manage Appointments graphic

Manage Appointments

You can check on, reschedule, or cancel upcoming appointments, and request a new appointment at any time of day or night without picking up the phone. Same day acute sick appointments are available to book directly online at all primary care family practice site locations.

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View Test Results

Most lab test reports will be available online for you to view as they are released. Only tests performed at Penn State Hershey lab facilities will appear in your electronic health record.

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Review Medical History

You can find upcoming appointment instructions, medications, allergies, immunization records, renew prescriptions and more. Keeping your record up-to-date will help you and your care providers.

Manage Other Accounts graphic

Manage Other Accounts

With proper consent, you can see medical records for children. This helps caregivers to manage the healthcare of loved ones privately and conveniently.

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Secure Storage

My Penn State Hershey Health is a password protected secure website. All messages are encrypted to ensure security. Only people you have authorized and your care provider and staff can view your information.

Medical Emergencies and Urgent Health Matters:

My Penn State Hershey Health is meant for routine health management. You should not use My Penn State Hershey Health to send any messages requiring urgent attention. For medical emergencies, please call 9-1-1 or your physician's office immediately.