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Katsuya Yamauchi

Post-doctoral research scholar


  • Penn State Hershey Heart and Vascular Institute

Contact Information:

  • Office Location: Penn State Hershey Heart and Vascular Institute
    500 University Drive
    Hershey, PA 17033
  • Phone: 717-531-4589
  • Email: kyamauchi@hmc.psu.edu


  • M.D., 1994, University of Occupational and Environmental HealthSchool of Medicine, Japan
  • Ph.D., 2002, Department of Physiology, University of Occupational and Environmental Health School of Medicine, Japan

Clinical Interests:

  • Heart and vascular disease
  • Stroke and spinal cord
  • COPD

Research Interests:

  • Exercise physiology

Academic Interests:

  • Exercise physiology


  1. Blockade of ATP-sensitive potassium channels prevents the attenuation of the exercise pressor reflex by tempol in rats with ligated femoral arteries. Yamauchi K, Stone AJ, Stocker SD, Kaufman MP. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2012; 303 (3):H332-40.
  2. Blockade of acid sensing ion channels attenuates the augmented exercise pressor reflex in rats with chronic femoral artery occlusion. Tsuchimochi H, Yamauchi K, McCord JL, Kaufman MP.  J Physiol. 2011 15; 589; 6173-89.
  3. Tempol attenuates the exercise pressor reflex independently of neutralizing reactive oxygen species in femoral artery ligated rats. McCord JL, Tsuchimochi H, Yamauchi K, Leal A, Kaufman MP. J Appl Physiol. 2011; 111(4):971-9.
  4. Cardiovascular responses to static muscle contraction in patients with brachial plexus  injury treated with intercostal nerve transfer Nishimura Y, Mizushima T, Tajima F, Irisawa H, Yamauchi K, Kajihara F, Nagano A, J Neurotrauma. Jul;28(7):1289-94. 2011.
  5. Longitudinal Change in Physical Capacity Over 20 Years in Athletes With Spinal Cord Injury  Shiba S, Okawa H, Uenishi H, Koike Y, Yamauchi K, Asayama K, Nakamura T, Tajima Arch Phys Med Rehabil. Aug, 91, 1262-1266 2010.

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