Housing Services

Change of Address

  • "Change of Address" forms may be picked up at the Housing Office, located in University Manor West, or requested from the Hershey Post Office (717-533-3356).
  • Please note that it is the TENANT'S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that the Post Office has their proper mailing address upon moving to and/or from University Manor. Housing staff will not assume the responsibility of forwarding your mail to you and all mail not forwarded will be returned to sender.

Mail Service

  • The Hershey branch of the United States Postal Service provides all mail service for University Manor Apartments and occupants. The Hershey Post Office is located at 50 North Linden Road, Hershey and their telephone number is 533-3356.


  • UPS: When you receive notice that a UPS package has been left at the Housing Office, please pick-up the package within one week or the package will be returned to sender.
  • FedEx, Airborne, Etc.: The Housing Office WILL NOT accept any packages from Federal Express, Airborne, etc. for tenants as these packages are most frequently time-sensitive.
  • United States Postal Service: Tenants receiving over-sized packages from the Postal Service MUST pick them up at the Hershey Post Office. The Housing Office WILL NOT accept packages from the United States Postal Service for tenants.


  • All garbage, refuse and rubbish shall be placed in the designated trash and recyclable receptacles supplied by, and located in, University Manor.
  • Recyclable items are grouped into two categories, based on their means of disposal:
    • Commingled (These items can be mixed together)
    • Newspapers (These items should be disposed of separate from the commingled items)
  • Recycle Guidelines at University Manor
    • Never mix or lay loose newspapers with commingled items
    • Never mix plastic bags with commingled items or newspapers
    • Always place recyclable material in the appropriate RECYCLE BIN.
  • Commingled
    • Aluminum, steel, and bimetal cans (i.e. soup, vegetable, soda cans, etc.)
    • Glass bottles and jars (i.e. mayonnaise, canning, soda bottles, etc.)
    • Plastic containers/bottles #1 and #2 only (i.e. 2 liter soda bottles, milk, water jugs and plastic containers with #1 or #2 in the recycle triangle on the container.)
    • No Plastic Bags
  • Newspapers
    • Newspapers – without glossy inserts
    • No magazines, books or junk mail
  • Items NOT Considered Appropriate for Recycling
    • Window glass or drinking glasses
    • Plastic "deli-type" containers
    • Aluminum foil pans
    • Styrofoam
    • Metal clothes hangers, etc.

Unlock Apartment Door Requests

  • If a tenant locks themselves out of their apartment between 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, they can come to the Housing Office to sign out a key at no cost to them.  The key must be returned within 24 hours.
  • All tenants requesting assistance to unlock their apartment doors after 4:30 p.m. on a normal work day (Monday-Friday) or weekends, and/or holidays will be charged a $15.00 service fee.
  • Contact Department of Security at extension 8711 after 4:30 p.m.


  • The Housing Office has vacuums available for tenant use. Tenants may borrow a vacuum for twenty-four hours without charge; however, there is a $2.00 a day late fee for every additional day the vacuum is not returned.