Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations are communicated in accordance with the applicable provisions in your lease and have the same forces and effect as if originally made a part of that lease. Failure to abide by all rules and regulations of the lease shall result in further action as provided for in each Pennsylvania State University Policy or lease document. Copies of the applicable PSU Policies are available in the Housing Office.


Aerials/Satellite Dish

  • Outside antennas, including satellite dishes shall not be erected without prior approval of the Housing Department.  

Alcoholic Beverages

  • State laws prohibit the purchase, use or possession of alcoholic beverages by individuals less than 21 years of age. University Regulations (AD18) restrict the use and possession of all alcoholic beverages to individual apartment rooms of persons 21 years of age or older. Consumption or distribution of alcoholic beverages is not permitted in any location other than the individual apartments or residences as stated above. Kegs containing alcoholic beverages are also not permitted in or around University residences or apartments.  

Alterations to Apartment

  • Tenant will not, without the prior written consent of the Manager:
    • Make any alteration, addition, or change in or to the premises.   
    • Paint the apartment.   
    • In any way deface or mutilate the walls, floors, ceiling, or other parts of the premises.
    • Do or keep anything in the premises that will affect the insurance on the building or the contents of the building against fire or other hazards, or affect the rate for insurance.
    • The Tenant shall not do or keep anything in the premises that will violate any law or government regulation.  


  • The Tenant shall not be permitted to bring into the apartment or utilize any major appliances not provided by the Housing Department (i.e. portable dish washers, refrigerator, micro-fridge, freezers, washer, dryers, etc).  

Bed Bugs

  • The Housing Department will contract with an extermination contractor to perform an inspection of the suspected housing unit to determine what type of issue exists.
  • If the extermination contractor determines that bed bugs are the cause of the problems being encountered within the apartment, the tenant will be required to complete a pre-treatment check list. Treatment of the apartment will not begin until all items included in the check list are accomplished.
  • The cost of the extermination contractor and treatment of the apartment will be paid by the Housing Department. The Housing Department will not be liable for the cost of complying with the pre-treatment check list or personal choices (i.e. hotel stay) made by the tenant.
  • Items with intense infestations, and deemed by the extermination contractor as untreatable, will be removed from the apartment and discarded (i.e. mattress, furniture, and etc.). Replacement costs for these items are the responsibility of the tenant. Lightly infested mattresses can be sealed with a cover designed for bed bug exclusion. This cover must remain installed as long as the tenant resides in any University Manor Apartment. The purchase of these enclosures is the responsibility of the tenant.
  • Apartments that share an adjoining wall and the apartment directly above or below will also be treated along with the apartment experiencing the bed bug problem.
  • Tenants will be required to vacate the apartment during the treatment of the apartment and will be allowed to return four (4) hours after the treatment has been completed.
  • Follow-up inspections and treatments may be required depending upon the extent of the problem. The pre-treatment check list will need to be completed prior to each treatment.


  • It is not permissible to keep bicycles inside apartments in the stairwells or hallways. The University is not responsible for any bicycles that are stolen from the premises. Bicycles must be kept or stored as follows:
    • University Manor East – Storage shed or on patio/balcony   
    • University Manor West – Bicycle rack in pavilion  

Building Exterior

  • Nothing shall be placed on the outside of the building or windows, window sills, or projections or other portions of the leased premises and no signs or advertising notices of any kind shall be placed anywhere on the leased premises. No outdoor construction of any type, including fences, shall be allowed.   


  • The presence or use of candles, incense burners, or other open flame devices (i.e. oil lamps, torchieres, etc.) is prohibited in and around all University Facilities including University Manor.

Change of Apartment Rental Status

  • If a tenant who resides in a two-bedroom shared occupancy apartment wishes to rent the whole apartment when his/her  assigned roommate vacates they will be required to rent the whole apartment for no less than a four (4) month period, unless they  submit  a written Notice of Intent to Vacate form. If they subsequently cancel their request to vacate, the Housing Department will require the balance of the four (4) month period to be enforced.

Christmas Tree Disposal

  • Once the holiday season is over, please remove your holiday tree from your apartment and place it next to the east side of the Eastmoor Barn adjacent to the small white shed. Do not stage the holiday tree on the patio/balcony for disposal because this creates a potential fire hazard for the Manor complex.  

Condition of Apartment

  • The tenant is responsible for maintaining the apartment in a safe and sanitary condition during the term of the Lease. Failure to maintain adequate safe and/or sanitary standards, as determined by an annual inspection, will result in additional charges for cleaning and possible termination of the Lease Agreement.   
  • A minimum of 24 hour advance notice will be provided to the tenant prior to entry into the apartment to complete the safety/sanitary inspection.   
  • At the expiration of the Lease, the tenant agrees to peacefully deliver up the Leased Premises in good order and repair as they were at the time the Lease began, reasonable wear and tear accepted.  

Conduct/Criminal Record

  • The University reserves the right to deny or cancel a Housing lease for University-provided housing to an individual whose conduct and/or proven criminal record indicates a potential threat or danger to the University community, including students, campus residents, faculty, staff, guests, and visitors.  


  • The tenant shall pay for the repair of any damage to the apartment, its contents, and to all other parts of University property caused by tenant, members of tenant's family, or tenant's guests. The amount due for repairs shall be considered as additional rent, and the failure to pay such amounts when specified by the Housing Office will result in termination of Lease and subsequent enforcement for recovery of funds through the University or local magistrate, if applicable.

Disorderly Conduct

  • Tenants, tenant's family, guests, or visitors must always act in a responsible, respectful and orderly manner. Disorderly conduct by any such individuals shall not be tolerated on this campus.

Electronic Delivery of Housing Notices

  • As part of the University's goal to become better stewards of our environment, the Department of Housing Services will reduce, to an absolute minimum, the use of paper as the primary method to notify our tenants of upcoming events that may impact apartment utilities or require our entry into your apartment.  Notices will be delivered electronically to the tenant provided email address, whenever possible.


  • To be eligible to Lease a University Manor East of West apartment the applicant must be:
    • A full time Medical, Graduate, Physician Assistant, or Nursing Student; or,
    • A Medical Resident, Post-Doctoral Fellow, or Visiting Scholar; or,
    • Otherwise approved by the Dean's Office  

Energy Conservation

  • As part of the University's goal to reduce energy consumption (AD64), minimize budgetary expenditures on energy, and support the Administration's goal of a reduction in greenhouse gas production, the following guide lines have been established.
    • Lighting
      • Turn lights off when leaving your apartment.   
      • Utilize compact fluorescent (CFL) or light emitting diode (LED) bulbs.
      • Maximize the use of natural light whenever possible.   
      • Utilize task lighting in lieu of overhead lightning when appropriate.   
    • Heat/Air Conditioning
      • When the heat or air conditioning is being utilized in your apartment, all windows and doors must be closed.   
      • Occupied temperature settings:
        • Summer – no lower than 75 degrees Fahrenheit.   
        • Winter – no higher than 75 degrees Fahrenheit.   
      • Un-occupied temperature settings:
        • Summer – turn system off.   
        • Winter – 60 degrees Fahrenheit.   
  • Computers
    • Should be ENERGY STAR and EPEAT rated.   
    • Peripheral equipment shall be turned off whenever possible.   
  • Appliances
    • Only Housing supplied major appliances are authorized in the apartment.

Fire Alarm Reporting

  • Non-emergency situation
    • Should your apartment alarm system go off in a non-emergency situation (smoke from cooking), call the Building Operations Center (BOC) at extension 8888. Once BOC has determined that the alarm event does not require a response from the local fire department they will reset the apartment alarm system, which will cause the apartment alarm to be silenced.
    • If BOC receives an alarm signal and the tenant does not contact them, they will: 1) Try to call the apartment; 2) If contact cannot be established they will dispatch Security and Housing staff to investigate; 3) Dispatch the local fire department.
    • Tenants are required to have a phone plugged into a wall jack within the apartment at all times.
    • The apartment tenant(s) will be liable for any fines levied by the local fire department for responding to a false alarm.
  • Emergency situation
    • If your apartment alarm system activates due to an emergency:
      • If possible contact BOC at extension 8888 and provide details on the extent of the emergency.
      • Ensure all occupants evacuate of your apartment.
      • Make sure the rest of the occupants of your building are notified of the situation.
      • Locate the closest fire pull box to send in a second alarm.

Fire Alarm System/Drills

  • Tenants will not remove, disable, cover, or in any way tamper with installed fire detection and fire suppression systems and/or equipment. Any such action taken by the tenant or the tenant's family or guest will be considered a breach of this Lease Agreement and will result in termination of this agreement.   
  • In compliance with state and local fire codes building fire alarm and prevention systems must be functionally tested. This testing requires the activation of detection devices within each apartment, the building interior, and the building exterior.     
  • Entry into each apartment will be required to comply with this testing requirement.   
  • Tenants will be given advance email notification of when this testing will occur.  


  • Fireworks
    • Pennsylvania law prohibits the possession or use of fireworks. University policy (SY12) emulated the prohibition in all University residence apartment, grounds, and University-owned or controlled property and at University-sponsored or supervised activities. Please note that "Fireworks" are defined as "any combustible or explosive composition or any substance or combination of substances or any article prepared for the purpose of producing a visible or an audible effect by combustion, explosion, deflagration, or detonation" and shall include:
      • "Any blank cartridge or toy cannon in which explosives are used; the type of balloons which require fire underneath to propel them; firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, roman candles, aerials or other fireworks of like construction; and any fireworks containing any explosive or flammable compound or any tablets or other device containing any explosive substance."
  • Firearms
    • The possession, storing, carrying or use of any weapon, ammunition or explosive by any person, except authorized law officers and other persons specifically authorized by the University, is prohibited in University Manor Apartments. Weapons, ammunition and or explosives are defined as any firearm (including but not limited to pistols, rifles, shotguns, BB guns, paintball guns, flare gun, tranquilizer gun, stun gun, zip gun, spear gun, dart gun, sling gun, air gun or spring gun),that propels a pellet of any kind with a force that can be reasonably expected to cause bodily harm.

Foil and Plastic Wraps

  • The use of metal foil or plastic wraps to shield or line components of the stove or the area surrounding the stove is prohibited.
    • Introduction of such materials increases the fire hazard by providing areas for oil and grease to become trapped.
    • Metal foils conduct electricity, plastic wraps melt, the use of either material in this fashion may set up a potentially hazardous situation.
  • Covering components of your stove or lining the surrounding area is considered a breach of your Lease and will lead to your Lease being terminated.


  • Tenants may bring their own furniture into the Leased Premises, but may not remove University supplied furniture, appliances, or equipment without prior approval of the Housing Department.   
  • Waterbeds and other liquid filled furniture are not permitted.    

Furniture Disposal

  • Unwanted personal furniture should be placed along the east side of the ramp leading to the south entry to the Eastmoor Barn. The Housing Department will then transport the furniture to Derry Twp for disposal.  


  • Gambling in University-owned residence halls, apartments, and commons buildings, which is in violation of federal, state, and local laws is prohibited.  

Gas/Charcoal Grills

  • University Manor East
    • It is not permissible to operate gas or charcoal grills within the confines of the apartment, first floor patios or second floor balconies in University Manor East.  Operation of these appliances can be safely accomplished next to the apartment (except in mulched areas).   As a reminder, when using charcoal grills for cooking, make sure charcoal/ashes are completely cooled before disposing of them.  Proper disposal of such items will ensure the safety of all tenants and property.   
  • University Manor West
    • It is not permissible to operate gas or charcoal grills within the confines of the apartment.  Operation of these appliances can be safely accomplished next to the apartment (except in mulched areas).   As a reminder, when using charcoal grills for cooking, make sure charcoal/ashes are completely cooled before disposing of them.  Proper disposal of such items will ensure the safety of all tenants and property.  


  • Parking
    • University Manor East (UME)
      • UME Guest Parking Passes will only be issued to the UME tenants whose name appears on the current UME apartment lease agreement.
      • Guest Parking Passes will be issued at the Housing Office during normal business hours. Guest Parking Passes will have a start and end date and must be returned to the Housing Office within 24 hours of the stated end date. Passes may be returned after normal business hours, on weekends, and holidays by placing them in the Housing drop box, which is located at the main entry door of the Housing Office in University Manor West.
      • Upon request and depending on availability, a maximum of one (1) guest pass will be issued at a time per UME apartment. UME tenants with more than one guest vehicle must direct their extra guests to park in lot "L".
      • Guest Passes will be limited to a maximum of seven (7) days in duration.
      • Guest Passes must be visibly displayed on the driver's side dashboard of the guest vehicle.
      • A $25.00 fee will be assessed for any passes that are not returned on time or lost. Future Guest Parking Passes will not be issued to UME tenants who fail to return their pass to the Housing Office.
      • Guests with a "UME Guest Parking Pass" may park in any unmarked parking space in UME parking Lots 7, 9, 10, or 11.
    • University Manor West (UMW)
      • UMW tenants are required to register their guest's vehicle in the Housing Office. Unregistered vehicles will be ticketed.
  • Length of Stay – UME Whole Apartments
    • Tenants are permitted to have overnight guests in their apartment for seven (7) days or seven (7) days within any calendar month without registering them at the Housing Office. The University reserves the right to revoke this privilege. Apartment keys will not be provided for guests. People found in the apartments or common areas that are not residents or guests of residents are considered to be trespassing. Guests are included in occupancy assessment and the limit cannot be exceeded. If guests will stay longer than seven (7) days, they must be registered at the Housing Office.
    • Occupancy of apartments is limited to the following numbers, including guests of residents:
      • One Bedroom Apartment Maximum occupancy is 2 people   
      • Two Bedroom Apartment Maximum occupancy is 3 people   
      • Three Bedroom Apartment Maximum occupancy is 5 people   
  • Length of Stay – UME Shared Apartments
    • Tenants shall not permit any visitor/guest to occupy the premises for more than seven (7) consecutive days or seven (7) days within any calendar month of the Lease term. The University reserves the right to revoke this privilege. Apartment keys will not be provided for guests. People found in the apartments or common areas that are not residents or guests of residents are considered to be trespassing. Tenants who share an apartment with another tenant may not allow an opposite gender guest to visit in the apartment without the consent of the other tenant. Guests are included in occupancy assessment and the limit cannot be exceeded. If guests will stay longer than seven (7) days, they must be registered at the Housing Office.
      • Maximum occupancy of a UME shared apartment is 3 people. 
  • Length of Stay – UMW Shared Apartments
    • Tenants shall not permit any visitor/guest to occupy the premises for more than three (3) consecutive days or three (3) days within any calendar month of the Lease term. The University reserves the right to revoke this privilege. Apartment keys will not be provided for guests. People found in the apartments or common areas that are not residents or guests of residents are considered to be trespassing. Tenants may not allow an opposite gender guest to visit in the apartment without the consent of the other tenant
      • Maximum occupancy of a UMW apartment is 6 people.  

Halogen Lamps

  • Torchiere-style halogen lamps are not permitted in any of the apartments within the University Manor complex. Should a tenant bring such a halogen lamp into the apartment, the lease agreement, in its entirety, will be terminated and the tenant will be asked to vacate the premises within ten (10) days. In addition, the tenant shall be held responsible for any and all damages to the apartment or University building(s) which are damaged as a result of the unauthorized use of the torchiere-style halogen lamp. Such halogen lamps found on the leased premises WILL BE confiscated immediately by University Housing personnel without reimbursement to the tenant for the lamp.  

Hanging Clothing, Etc. Outside the Apartment

  • Clothing, rugs, or other articles or material shall not be placed at any window of the apartment and shall not be hung, dried, cleaned, or placed anywhere outside the apartment. Nothing shall be placed outside the apartment or upon any window/sill or thrown or dropped from any window.  

Laundry Facilities

  • University Manor East (UME)
    • Each UME apartment comes equipped with a washer and dryer.   
  • University Manor West (UMW)
    • A centrally located, coin-operated Laundromat is provided for all UMW tenants.

Lost Keys

  • Any lost key may be replaced by contacting the Housing Office. If after four (4) days the original key is not found, the Housing Office will replace the door lock core and new keys will be issued. A fee of $70.00 will be assessed for the installation of new apartment entry door lock cores and keys.  The fee for the replacement of a lost bedroom key is $ 15.00 and a $15.00 fee will be charged for lost mailbox keys.  

Mechanical Closet

  • Each apartment within the University Manor East is equipped with a closet containing the Heating and Air Conditioning Unit (HVAC) and the water heater for your apartment. These spaces are not intended to be utilized as storage. There are two reasons why we ask you not to utilize this space for storage:   
  • Air for operation of the HVAC system enters the system at the bottom of each HVAC unit and is drawn in to the mechanical closet through the wire mesh screening in the mechanical closet door, or through a louver in the wall next the mechanical closet.  We have responded to several heating/air conditioning service calls only to find the problem to be caused by the lack of air flow through the furnace. In each case, we found plastic shopping bags sticking against the bottom of the furnace blocking the air flow through the unit. Prolonged blockage of the airflow through the furnace causes inefficient operations of the system, consumes more energy, and will lead to premature failure of the unit. We do not consider this "normal" wear and tear. Costs to repair damage to the HVAC system caused by blocked air flow will be passed along to the tenant(s) who occupy that apartment.   
  • We have found several different types of chemicals stored in this area. Most of them are household cleaners. We have also noticed that some of the containers are leaking or some of the contents had been spilled on the floor. The mixing of some of these compounds can produce flammable or toxic vapors. These vapors can be distributed throughout the apartment very quickly by the HVAC equipment located within the mechanical closet. This could produce a potentially hazardous situation for the occupants of the apartment.   
  • Keeping the mechanical closet free from items that would hinder system performance or cause a dangerous situation within your apartment is a necessity. Therefore tenant failure to comply with this requirement will result in a $ 25.00 fine for each violation.  

Notice of Intent to Vacate

  • A 60 day written vacate notice is required to terminate a lease. Tenants who desire to depart prior to their 60 day notice date, will be required to pay the balance of rent remaining  to the end of their 60 day period.   
  • Notice of Intent to Vacate Form

Parking/Parking Violations

  • The driving or parking of any vehicle on the PSHMC campus is at the risk of the vehicle owner or operator. PSHMC is not responsible for any damage, personal injury, or theft involving such vehicles. All vehicles to be parked on campus must be registered and display an appropriate and valid parking permit at all times. The Housing Office, located at University Manor West, issues parking permits for tenants living on-campus. For the purposes of these regulations, a motorcycle is a vehicle. All vehicles must also display a valid license plate with current registration tags and inspection sticker for the vehicle.
  • On University Manor East, each apartment is assigned one parking space, numbered to correspond with the apartment number. If there is more than one vehicle for an apartment, the additional vehicle may be parked in any of the unnumbered spaces in lots 3, 7, 9, 10, or 11.  (NOTE: It is the responsibility of the tenants in each apartment to designate which vehicle and at what times the rotation of parking in the assigned space versus unassigned space takes place among roommates of the same apartment.) There are no numbered spaces in University Manor West.
  • When another vehicle is parked in your assigned parking space, please park in an unnumbered space in the overflow area and immediately notify Security at extension 8711.
  • Parking fines are issued by the Security and Housing Departments for the following reasons:
    • Absence of Housing parking pass displayed on vehicle or a Medical Center parking pass displayed on vehicle;
    • Parking in a numbered space that is assigned to another apartment other than your own;
    • Parking in a "No Parking" area designated by a "RED" painted curb or a "No Parking" sign;
    • Driving within the UME or UMW Student Housing complexes, or parking on the grass;
    • Blocking access to a fire hydrant;
    • Blocking access to sidewalks; and,
    • Parking a vehicle with a Housing parking pass in non-housing controlled parking lot.
  • Parking fines for all violations begin at $ 30.00 for each violation.
    • Multiple infractions can be levied on one violation ticket.
    • All parking fines are subject to change without advanced notification.
    • Vehicles violating the same regulation continuously will face escalating fines per each repeat infraction.
  • All penalties for parking violations are payable within 10 days at the Housing Office. Checks should be made out to "The Pennsylvania State University" and may be mailed to the Housing Office, 300 University Manor West, Hershey, PA 17033. To insure proper credit, the parking ticket must accompany your payment.
  • Failure to pay the penalty or appeal the violation, within 10 days, may result in the filing of a formal complaint with the District Justice.
  • Tenants may appeal any parking tickets issued in University Manor parking lots at the Housing Office located in University Manor West. ONLY University Manor parking lot tickets may be appealed at the Housing Office.
  • Guest/ Visitor parking – See "Guest/Visitor Parking"

Patio Railings

  • University Manor East first floor tenants may open/remove patio railings to facilitate the moving of furniture in and out of the apartment. Please contact the Housing Office during normal business hours at 531-8210 and ask for assistance from the Housing Maintenance staff.
  • If the railing is left dangling, the constant weight will pull the bracket from the brick wall.  The cost to repair the railing will be billed to the tenant. 
  • University Manor East second floor railings will not be opened or removed.  

Pest Control

  • The Housing Department will retain the services of a nationally recognized commercial pest control contractor.   
  • Based upon industry best practices for the type of pest being treated and the  extent of the problem the Housing Department reserves the right to extend the treatment area to encompass adjacent apartments.   
  • The Housing Department reserves the right to charge the tenant if the problem is due to the tenant's failure to maintain a sanitary environment, or the tenants refusal to comply with the extermination professionals treatment plan.  


  • No dog, cat, reptile, bird, or any other pet or animal of any kind whatsoever shall be brought, permitted, or kept in the apartment or elsewhere in University Manor East or West. Aquariums for fish are permitted, but must be less than 15 U.S. gallons in total volume and be preapproved by the Housing Manager. Individuals with a service/therapy animal need must contact the Office of  Disability Services at 717-531-0003, extension 283693 for a determination.  

Planting Flowers/Vegetables

  • When a tenant plants flowers, the flowerbed must be weeded and maintained throughout the summer months.     
  • The allowable space to be used by tenants to plant flowers is a strip two (2) feet wide along the front of each patio. In the past, some tenants have cultivated the whole lawn in front of the patio, and when unkempt, looks very unsightly.   It is strongly advisable for tenants who want to plant flowers to do so in the allowable space, any unkempt flowerbeds will be leveled and seeded with grass.  THE PLANTING OF VEGETABLES AND TOMATOES IS NOT ALLOWED IN UNIVERSITY MANOR COMPLEXES.   
  • Please notify the Housing Office at 531-8210, if you have planted a flowerbed.  This will prevent us from destroying the plants when we replace mulch or when spraying for weeds.


  • The use or filling of pools, i.e. inflatable, plastic, aluminum, etc. of any size or shape is prohibited.

Quiet Hours

  • Each tenant, his/her family and guests, shall not at any time make any noise, or do anything to conduct themselves in any way, which disturbs any other tenant or interferes with the rights, comfort or conveniences of any other tenant.  Musical or sound reproducing instruments or singing within the apartment shall be inaudible outside the apartment between 10:30 p.m. each night and 8:00 a.m. the following morning.  


  • Recyclable items are grouped into two categories, based on their means of disposal:
    • Commingled (These items can be mixed together)
    • Newspapers (These items should be disposed of separate from the commingled items)
  • Recycle Guidelines at University Manor
    • Never mix or lay loose newspapers with commingled items   
    • Never mix plastic bags with commingled items or newspapers   
    • Always place recyclable material in the appropriate RECYCLE BIN.   
  • Commingled
    • Aluminum, steel, and bimetal cans (i.e. soup, vegetable, soda cans, etc.)   
    • Glass bottles and jars (i.e. mayonnaise, canning, soda bottles, etc.)   
    • Plastic containers/bottles #1 and #2 only (i.e. 2 liter soda bottles, milk, water jugs and plastic containers with #1 or #2 in the recycle triangle on the container.)
    • No Plastic Bags   
  • Newspapers
    • Newspapers – without glossy inserts   
    • No magazines, books or junk mail   
    • Window glass or drinking glasses   
    • Plastic "deli-type" containers   
    • Aluminum foil pans   
    • Styrofoam
    • Metal clothes hangers, etc.  

Right of Entry

  • University personnel have the right to enter the Leased Premises at reasonable hours to examine the apartment and to make repairs, additions, or alterations as necessary for the safety, preservation, or restoration of the apartment or building.  If the safety of the building or occupants is in jeopardy, University personnel shall have the right to enter at will.  


  • Tenants are responsible for helping ensure that adequate security is maintained in the Manor. Tenants must refrain from behavior that compromises apartment security, such as leaving doors unlocked or propped open. Tenants should report unauthorized persons to proper authorities, and be constantly aware of the importance of maintaining security in their residences. Ground floor apartment should keep their windows closed and locked.   
  • Security can be contacted 24 hours a day by calling 717-531-8711.  

Security Device Installation

  • All lock changes, modifications, and security devices installations must be approved and installed by the University (Housing Services), i.e. burglar alarms, bars on windows, etc.  

Snow Removal

  • In preparation for inclement weather and snow removal activities, please keep all apartment entrances cleared of personal items, i.e. chairs, bicycles, grills, etc.  These items should be stored appropriately so that safe egress and ingress can occur to the apartments and that Housing maintenance staff can effectively clean and remove snow from Manor walkways and entrances.


  • Personal belongings of another staff or students may not be stored in the tenant's apartment.
  • Bicycles are not to be stored in the apartment.   
  • The storage of any flammable, hazardous, toxic chemicals, or illegal substances in or around the apartment is prohibited.   
  • University Manor East (UME) three (3) bedroom apartments are the only apartments provided with access the external apartment storage sheds.  

Tampering with the Fire Detection or Suppression System

  • The fire alarm system is constantly monitored. Removing, covering, or modifying any component(s) of the fire alarm system will cause a trouble signal to be sent to the Building Operation Center (BOC). BOC will then dispatch a Housing Mechanic or a Security Officer to investigate the cause of the trouble indication.  
  • Fire Detection System - Removing, covering any part of the detector, or attaching anything to a detector is a violation of the Lease agreement and will lead to the termination of the lease.   
  • Fire Suppression System - Covering, obstructing the spray pattern, attaching anything to, or hanging anything from a sprinkler head is a violation of the Lease agreement and will lead to the termination of the lease.


  • Outgoing apartment telephone service is restricted to on-campus and local calling only. Long distance calls may be completed through the use of a pre-paid calling card. There is no restriction on in-coming calls.   
  • Each apartment is supplied with a telephone. This telephone must be plugged in at all times to allow contact with BOC/Security in the event of a fire or other emergency.  

Tenant Property Insurance (Renters Insurance)

  • The University is not liable for the loss, damage, or theft of any personal property or for damage or injury occurring in the apartment or elsewhere on the campus.  The University further recommends that each tenant purchase the standard Pennsylvania Broad Form HO-4 Tenant's or Renter's Insurance Policy.  This policy would assist the tenant in insuring all of tenant's personal property to its full insurable value against such losses.  

Tenant's Liability

  • The tenant shall pay for the repair of any damage to the apartment, its contents, and to all other parts of University's property caused by an act or omission by tenant, members of tenant's family, or tenant's guests.    

Termination of a Lease

  • This Lease may be terminated by either party by giving the other party at least sixty (60) days prior written notice.  In the event sixty (60) days notice is not given, rent will be due and payable for a period of sixty (60) days from the date such notice is received, regardless of whether the apartment is previously vacated by tenant. Furthermore, The Housing Manager, in consultation with the Director of Auxiliary and Business Services and the Associate Vice President for Finance and Business, Controller can and will terminate, under certain conditions, a tenant's Lease when such tenant's conduct is: (a) disruptive to other residents; (b) in violation of state or federal laws; (c) in disregard of the rights of other tenants; (d) destructive to University property or equipment; (e) otherwise in a manner so as to jeopardize the health, safety or well being of others; or, (f) when the tenant willfully  violates the terms and conditions of the Lease.  Tenant(s) shall vacate the premises at the termination date of this Lease, and tenant specifically waives the right to ask further notice to quit the premises.  

University/Personal Property

  • The University will not be held liable for the loss, damage, or theft of any personal property or for damage or injury occurring in the apartment or elsewhere on University property. It is recommended that each tenant purchase a standard Pennsylvania Broad Form HO-4 Tenant's or Renter's Insurance Policy. This policy would assist the tenant in insuring all of his/her personal property to its full insurable value against such losses.   
  • The tenant shall pay for the repair of any damage to the apartment, its contents, and to all other parts of University property marred by the tenant, members of the tenant's family, or the tenant's guests. The amount due for repairs will be considered as additional rent, and the failure to pay such amounts when specified by the Housing Office or Director will result in "next step" actions taken against the tenant on the part of the University.  

Unlocking of Apartment Door

  • If a tenant locks themselves out of their apartment between 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, they can come to the Housing Office to sign out a key at no cost to them.  The key must be returned within 24 hours. If the key is not returned within this time limit, the Housing Department will replace the entry door lock core. The tenant who lost their keys will be charged $ 70.00 to cover the cost of this replacement.   
  • After 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday and weekends and holidays, tenants must contact Security at 531-8711 to gain access to their apartment.
    • A $15.00 service fee will be charged per event to tenants requiring Security to provide after hour access to their apartment.   
  • Only tenants whose names appear on the apartment lease will be granted access to by Housing and Security staff to Manor East and West apartments.  

Use of Apartment

  • The premises shall be used only as a private residence or dwelling, excluding any use in connection with any business, profession, trade, or craft. No part of the premises shall be sublet nor shall this Lease be assigned. No person shall reside in the premises other than those named in tenant’s Application to Lease Agreement, or the additional person(s) designated by University to share the apartment with the tenant.   

Visitor Parking  – See "Guest/Visitor Parking".


  • The walls, ceilings, doors, cabinets, and woodwork must not be marred by driving nails, tacks or screws, or by otherwise defacing their surface.
  • Nothing should be attached or suspended in any way from the ceiling. 

Weight Lifting Equipment

  • Weightlifting equipment is not permitted in apartments because of noise and potential damage to the floors.