Application Tips

Preparing Your Information:

  • Take some time to think about how to best highlight your skills and experiences.
  • Make a list of your current and previous work experiences, accomplishments and skills.
  • Select the items on your list that are pertinent for your application/resume and that pertain to the job for which you are applying.
  • Write a short, concise description of each work experience, accomplishment or skill to elaborate on your list.
  • Organize the information in your resume effectively, placing the most critical information first.

Things to Include:

  • Up-to-date contact information (name, address, phone and e-mail)
  • Educational history (schools, locations, types of degrees, etc.)
  • Work history (company, job title, dates of employment, job duties, etc.)
  • Work or school-related honors
  • Professional memberships and affiliations
  • Relevant specialized training and licensing
  • Foreign languages known fluently
  • Military experience and/or security clearances
  • A valid email address
  • A valid Social Security Number

Things to Exclude:

  • Personal information (age, physical characteristics, marital status, number or names of children, family info)
  • Health status
  • Photographs
  • Negative information
  • Any information unrelated to the position
  • Minimize the use of abbreviations and acronyms

Our Application:

  • Our application includes space at the end to import or type your resume.  The application is just as important as the resume.  Please complete the application in its entirety and then use the resume free-text area to elaborate.
  • Complete the application in its entirety, even if you’ve worked in the same position for 30 years.  Blank applications may be automatically screened out due to lack of information.
  • Beware of resume parsing software that completes the application for you when you upload your resume.  The parsing software can make mistakes – PROOFREAD and make necessary changes before submitting your application.