Awards and Accolades

We Have a Team of Internationally-Recognized IBD Experts

Our doctors and surgeons are all leaders in the field of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, having been awarded top honors including Castle Connolly's list of America's Top Doctors.

We Offer the Most Advanced Treatment Options Available

We routinely provide advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques that are not widely available elsewhere. These include MR enterography, chromoendoscopy, and laparoscopy.

All Services Offered Under One Roof

Unlike other providers, the Penn State IBD Center offers all of our services at one site. Gastroenterologists and colorectal surgeons share the same clinic, providing a single location for our patients requiring multiple services during a single visit.  Additionally, if x-rays, blood work, enterstomal therapy, dermatology or other ancillary services are required during a patient visit, these services and medical professionals are all located within our IBD clinic site.

We Have Over 20 Years' Experience in Cutting-Edge IBD Research Towards a Cure

Our IBD team leads the nation with our long-standing commitment to cutting-edge IBD research, including the establishment of the nation's largest IBD BioBank and registry of IBD patients including  DNA, blood and tissue samples from multiple generations of IBD patients. In addition, we have pioneered research in the field of Personalized Medicine and have completed over fifty research studies and published over 100 nationally-recognized IBD-specific research papers.

We Offer the Highest Quality Patient Experience

The Penn State IBD Center offers the services of a dedicated personalized IBD nurse navigator whose primary responsibility is to navigate our patients through our health system in an optimal and efficient manner.  Our navigator is available by phone to answer questions, direct patients to services, and assist with scheduling.  Our IBD service model immediately puts the patient in direct contact with a trained IBD medical nurse navigator - someone who immediately understands their concerns and needs. 

We Provide Exceptional Ongoing Patient Support and Education

Our IBD Center provides extensive community outreach and education programs including IBD patient symposiums and an ongoing patient support group that meets every other month.  Additionally, we have partnered with CCFA (Crohn's Colitis Foundation of America) to raise public awareness of IBD by sponsoring CCFA  "Take Steps" walks throughout Pennsylvania, as well as performing newsletter and website collaboration.

We Offer Specialized Pediatric IBD Experts and Services

We offer specialized care for pediatric IBD patients including a specialized pediatric transition clinic for pediatric patients about to transition to adult IBD care.  We also participate in national pediatric IBD quality improvement  initiatives including "ImproveCareNow" and "PROKIIDS" research,