IRB Application and Resources

IRB Training

Basic Training:  Required for ALL investigators on expedited or full review proposals:

  • Register at and select Penn State under "Participating Institutes"
  • Choose "Biomedical Investigator Course" option during registration
  • Select "Biomedical Research at Penn State COM & Hershey Medical Center"

Informed Consent Training:  Required for all Principal Investigators: 

  • In the library on an HSPO computer located in the Computer Lab, 2nd floor.  Pick up head phones from the library circulation desk.  Instructions are posted at the computer.

IRB Application

Please see Penn State Hershey Human Subjects Protection Office: for details.  Below is a summary of commonly used forms

Step 1:

Is this research involving human subjects?  See chart 1 in:

  • If answer is no complete the Non-Human/Non-Research Determination Form.
  • If the answer is yes proceed to Step 2 below.

Step 2:

Does this research qualify for exemption?  (Review exemption determination instructions.)

  • If yes complete: Exemption Determination Form.
  • If no complete: Expedited and Full Review Form.
    • Checklist for expedited and full review.

Step 3:

  • Abstract Form
  • Consent Forms
  • International Research Addendum Form

Other Resources

   Number of Grants/
 Funding Amounts
 Deadline  Comments
 Society for the Scientific Study of

 P.O. Box 416
 Allentown, PA 18105-0416
 2 grants/year
 February 1st of
 each year
 Must join SSSS
 Infectious Disease Society of America
 Summer Scholarships for Medical

 Phone: 703-299-0200
 $2000  Usually April each
 year but check
 details on web-site
 Clinical or
 research activities
 any year of Medical
 School. Includes
 Health. Must be
 supported by IDSA
 member (see ID
 The New York Academy of Medicine
 The David E. Rogers Fellowship

 Usually March but
 check details on

 Preference for
 projects conducted
 in New York half of
 dedicated to HIV
 prevention and
 care. For students
 between 1st and
 2nd year of
 medical school
 Benjamin Kean ASTMH Traveling
 Fellowship in Tropical Medicine
 Flight + $700  April 1st 2007  Preference to
 non-HIV related