Clinical Rotations

Our Fellowship program provides extremely strong clinical training in order to ensure that graduating fellows are comfortable and competent at managing complicated clinical problems.  Fellows are required to complete a minimum of 12 months on core clinical rotations listed below.  In addition significant flexibility is present and every effort is made to provide individual fellows with the opportunity to explore their own clinical interests including at the discretion of the program director, arranging outside rotations.  


  • In-patient consults at Hershey Medical Center (11 months)  
  • In-patient consults at Harrisburg Hospital (1 month)
  • Outpatient ID Clinics Elective   (1 month)  
  • Inpatient/Outpatient Pediatrics Infectious Disease Elective   (1 month)
  • Fellows Continuity Clinic (One half day/week throughout duration of fellowship)
  • Microbiology

Inpatient Consults at Hershey Medical Center

These are the core rotations for the fellowship program and are divided into two services:  General ID and Transplant/Orthopaedics ID.  During the course of the fellowship, each fellow will generally complete 6 months of General ID and 5 months of Transplant/Orthopaedics ID. The General ID team consists of an ID attending physician, ID fellow, and varying numbers of medical residents and students along with members of allied health services (e.g. pharmacy).  The team is responsible to consult on and follow patients with infectious disease problems throughout all inpatient services at the Medical Center including patients with complex medical and surgical infections located in standard and intensive care beds.  This includes patients with malignancy, stem cell transplant and other forms of immunocompromise with the exception of patients with solid organ transplants and orthopaedic infections.  The Transplant/Orthopaedics ID team rounds with both the Transplant ID Attending and the Orthopaedics ID Attending and consults on patients with orthopaedic infections and those who have had or will soon have a solid organ transplant. 

Inpatient Consults at Harrisburg Hospital

Harrisburg hospital is a large community-based hospital located in downtown Harrisburg, PA, approximately 12 miles from Hershey Medical Center.  Consult cases tend to be somewhat less complex but equally interesting.  Fellows working on the Harrisburg Hospital Infectious Disease service perform in a similar way to the Hershey service.

Outpatient ID Clinics

This rotation includes half-day clinic sessions at a variety of clinical sites that include exposure to the following groups of patients:  HIV/AIDS, orthopaedic infections, travel medicine, sexually transmitted diseases.  Clinic sessions take place at the East Campus (orthopaedic infections), Front Street (HIV/AIDS, travel medicine, STDs), and Lebanon/Altoona (HIV/AIDS).  A hepatitis B & C clinic experience with the hepatology service may also be available depending upon availability and continuity clinic schedule conflicts.

Inpatient/Outpatient Pediatrics Infectious Disease Elective

This rotation exposes fellows to the full spectrum of pediatrics infectious diseases and includes inpatient consultations as well as selected outpatient clinics both in general pediatric infectious diseases and HIV/AIDS.

Fellows Continuity Clinic (One half day per week throughout the fellowship)

Each Infectious Diseases Training Fellow is assigned to one half-day continuity clinic per week throughout their two years of clinical training. Patients are not pre-selected by disease type, but consist of a mix of HIV and General Infectious Diseases including the follow-up of Infectious Disease in-patients and care of patients receiving Out-Patient Parenteral Antibiotics.   Fellows are assigned new patients and are expected to follow these patients during the entire training period. At least one new patient each week is scheduled in every clinic.  Supervision of each fellow is provided by a designated faculty member who is constantly present in the clinic.  


An orientation to the clinical microbiology laboratory takes place each August for first year fellows.  A multidisciplinary microbiology rounds takes place each week on Tuesday mornings during which both faculty and fellows (those on and off clinical service) participate with the microbiology lab staff in reviewing specimens from patients on service and other interesting specimens seen in the lab each week.  Rounds are conducted by the Director of Clinical Microbiology, Dr. David Craft.  These are some of the best teaching rounds in the country.  A separate Friday teaching session is conducted by Dr. Craft with only the fellows.