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Penn State Hershey has been involved in the travel medicine business for many years. We provide professional, up-to-date information and medical prophylaxis (including vaccines and antibiotics) for business travelers, students, missionaries, and vacationers (individuals and groups). Utilizing specialized information technology travelers will receive the very latest information about the country or countries they will be visiting in the form of a personalized Traveler Health Report that details recommended vaccinations, risks for infectious diseases, personal safety risks, modes of travel within each country, cultural and religious laws and customs, and embassy/consular information. Pre-travel vaccinations are administered during the visit(s) and prescriptions given for recommended antibiotics. Our experienced nurse practitioner has worked in this field for more than a decade and can provide unique travel insight about most parts of the world. Our travel office is comfortable, low-key, and easy to access.

Come visit us today. We will help make your travel experience memorable and keep you healthy!

Our Travel Clinic operates at two sites:

Main site:  Penn State Hershey Medical Group - Harrisburg

Hershey site: (West Campus) - Friday appointments only 


Appointments at either site can be made by calling Careline at 1-800-243-1455.


Please be advised that most medical insurers do not cover the medical costs of travel services. These include the cost of the visit(s) and most importantly, the cost of vaccinations. Vaccinations can be very expensive depending on the vaccines used and schedules of administration. It is always best to contact your insurer prior to the visit to determine which costs, if any, are covered. Please be prepared to pay for all charges at the time of your visit. 


It is important to prepare for your travel well in advance of your trip.  For some trips, especially those to the developing world, vaccinations should be given ideally several weeks before traveling.  We suggest that you schedule your travel clinic visit at least one month in advance of your trip.