IRB schedule

The IRBs meet monthly on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Mondays, except for date changes due to scheduling conflicts.

Incoming submissions to the IRB are addressed in the order received. New submissions for committee review undergo a pre-review process and researchers may be required to make changes for completeness. Once a submission is complete it is placed on the next available agenda. Exemptions and expedited submissions are reviewed in the order received. Submissions for continuing review of ongoing research are due by the date listed on the reminder notice, and are assigned to the next available agenda (or expedited reviewer) to ensure there is no lapse in IRB approval. Other submissions are reviewed in the order received, unless the submission involves an urgent issue that may affect participant safety.

A number of factors affect the timing of communicating review results to investigators, including the type of submission, quality of the submission, and available IRB member expertise and staff, but typically a researcher can expect to receive the results of a submission review within the following timeframes:

Committee review (full board): 4-6 weeks

Expedited review: 2-4 weeks

Exemption review: 1-2 weeks