College of Medicine Scholarships - The Penn State College of Medicine has both merit and need-based scholarships. Need-based scholarships are awarded based upon family financial strength as determined by the financial data provided for both student/spouse and parents on the FAFSA. Merit based scholarships are awarded based upon a number of criteria and students are notified to apply for these scholarships during the spring semester. 

Scholarships with a Service Commitment – These scholarships usually cover complete tuition, fees educational expenses and a living allowance. Each program is slightly different and should be researched completely before making a commitment.

Health Professions Scholarships – Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard

National Health Service Corps


Scholarships from Outside sources - Scholarships are available from private sources, but you must take the initiative to research availability and follow through with the application process.  The following are suggestions for finding potential assistance opportunities:


  •  Talk with upper-class students
  • Internet databases such as
  • Research centers
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Native American Scholarship Fund
  • Places of worship
  • Local medical societies and chapters of AMA
  • Charitable foundations
  • Service clubs such as Lions, Rotary, etc.
  • Scholarship Directories in libraries or student aid offices


Scholarship information from outside sources received by the Office of Student Aid is compiled in a binder in C1802. You may peruse this binder any time the office is open. There is also a Scholarship Interest Data form in acceptance packets. Completion of this form allows your information to be entered into the Office of Student Aid database so you can be notified if scholarships with particular requirements arrive that match your information.