Student Aid Award & Information


The financial aid awarded you by the College of Medicine is only for the time period stated on your student aid summary and can be used only at The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine.  You must submit a new or renewal application for each additional enrollment period.  Students are encouraged to file their application using the FAFSA web site, Completed federal tax information should be used and the application submitted by April 15th for currently enrolled students.  The amounts and types of financial assistance can change from year to year.

If you receive financial assistance, including scholarships, loans and grants, that is not included on your financial aid notification from the Office of Student Aid, you must report these amounts to the Office of Student Aid.  Federal regulations require that these funds be taken into account in determining your eligibility  for federal student aid.  If the assistance that you receive from private or outside sources results in an over award, an adjustment will be made to your financial aid award so that you total financial assistance is not greater than the institutionally determined Cost of Attendance.


Standards of Academic Progress

All students receiving federal student financial aid funds must comply with the College of Medicine Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress.  The intent of this policy, which is mandated by the U.S. Department of Education, is to insure that students receiving federal financial aid for their education are making measurable progress toward completion of their degree in a reasonable period of time.  In short, the purpose of this policy is to insure that federal funds are not provided to students who fail to perform and progress academically at a minimally accepted level.

The Office of Student Aid for the Penn State College of Medicine is required by the U.S. Department of Education to monitor student progression toward completion of their medical degree.  Students must be academically progressing toward completion at a minimally accepted level as established in the following general standards.  (Please note: this standard may be different from Penn State College of Medicine criteria for determining satisfactory academic standing necessary to maintain degree-seeking status.)

Special situations that fall outside the stated general policy are subject to professional judgment appeal by the Student Aid Office regarding continued eligibility.

Student Aid Programs Impacted by this Standard

    • Federal Perkins Loan
    • Federal Stafford Loan
    • Federal Grad Plus Loan
    • Federal Work-Study
    • Some University Aid programs