For International Students

Most forms of financial aid offered at Penn State College of Medicine are provided by the federal government and are available only to U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents. International students are not eligible for Federal Stafford Loans, Federal Perkins Loans, University Scholarships and University Loans.  International students with a credit-worthy U.S. citizen or permanent resident as a cosigner may be eligible for a private alternative loan through a U.S. lending institution.  For a list of possible lenders, please read the alternative loan information on the Penn State Student Aid website.  Eligibility requirements vary according to each lender.  It is important to contact the lender of your choice for specific information on loan eligibility before submitting your alternative loan application.

Helpful hints:

  • The Penn State College of Medicine International Student Checklist provides a list of pertinent information for international students.
  • Be aware that all visa documents (I-20, DS-2019) are issued and processed through the Directorate of International Students & Scholars Advising (DISSA) and must be sent to that office to be signed for travel or when any revision is needed. DISA is located at the University Park campus, a two-hour drive from the College of Medicine in Hershey. Allow sufficient time for such documents to be processed and delivered through the mail.
  • Frequently review the information provided on the web site for the Directorate of International Students & Scholars Advising: pay close attention to the admission requirements for medical school.
  • Carefully read and comply with emails from the Directorate of International Students & Scholars Advising. They contain updates to information and requirements.
  • If you have questions regarding financial aid please contact the Office of Student Aid by phone at 717-531-7052 or email

International students from India without a U.S. cosigner may be eligible for a private alternative loan program through Global Student Loan Corporation (GSLC) and HSBC.  To view loan terms and to learn how to apply, visit the Global Student Loan Corporation website.  In the future, GSLC will be expanding the program to include students from other countries of origin from around the world.